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Why CBD Hemp Oil Does Not Get You High

Why CBD Hemp Oil Does Not Get You High

The mention of cannabis usually brings thoughts of marijuana and negative connotations to mind. But there is a lot more to cannabis than recreational uses. Cannabidiol (CBD) is another cannabis product that has been gaining a lot of attention lately for the potential health benefits it offers.

Numerous companies and retailers have begun selling CBD products as alternative forms of treatment for many kinds of chronic ailments and conditions. But while a growing number of people have heard about CBD on the news or from friends, there are still many misconceptions about CBD. Most notably: can you get high from CBD hemp oil?

The fact that people don’t get “stoned” from CBD is a misunderstanding that needs remedying. Aside from not getting high from CBD use, when used properly these products are among the safest substances on the planet. And there are many potential benefits available for people dealing with a variety of chronic conditions through the use of CBD products. If you are looking for an alternative treatment solution, here are just a few of the reasons why you should consider trying one of the many CBD products that are available:

The Difference Between CBD & THC

Upfront it is important to know that CBD doesn’t contain a high amount of tetrahydrocannabinol – better known as THC. It is the THC in cannabis products that causes the mental haziness or slowness that is commonly associated with getting high. CBD hemp oil though has a relatively small trace amount of this ingredient (usually below 0.3%), so you won’t get high from using them. Products with high CBD content without the THC also don’t contain any psychoactive elements.

What are the Effects of Taking a CBD

You may wonder that since you don’t become high from CBD hemp oil, what exactly you might feel. Without getting too technical, CBD increases the levels of endocannabinoids that your body already naturally produces. As a result, many people feel a wave of relief or relaxation when consuming a CBD product. Overall effects are typically fairly mild and provide a better level of comfort by targeting symptoms without interfering with daily routines. In fact, results are often subtle enough that many people don’t notice any difference when they first start using CBD.

It’s also important to note that CBD comes in a variety of products. Some of the most popular options on the market include oils, edibles, topicals, e-liquids, and more. These products are generally marketed for a specific use and/or audience. Products also have different effective rates and dosage availability. For example, topicals may provide a better targeted relief, while vaping may provide the fastest symptom relief as it is said effects are felt almost instantaneously. Depending on which condition you are using CBD for and what your health goals are will determine which CBD product has the potential to give you the best result.

All of the Potential Benefits Have Not Been Found

An easy way to look at the difference between CBD hemp oil versus high THC content items that help people is to think of them as a medicinal product versus a recreational product. While there is still a lot of research that needs to be done to fully comprehend the exact benefits of CBD use, there is clearly room for many potential benefits as reported by frequent users.

As CBD hemp oil helps to promote a more relaxed feeling, it is often used by people who have severe anxiety or other emotional traumas which hinder their functionality. Targeted products like topicals and salves can reduce inflammation, pain, and other discomfort caused by injuries and other ailments. So while it’s impossible to 100 percent guarantee the effectiveness of any CBD product, there are certainly options worth exploring for chronic pain sufferers.

What are the Legalities of CBD

Even though you can’t get high from CBD hemp oil, you may still be wondering if it is legal in your area to consume CBD products. Since CBD doesn’t have the traditional psychoactive ingredients like THC, this means CBD is legal throughout the entire United States.

Illegal vs. legal handwritten on slip of paper

The fact is that oil extracted from hemp plants is the only type that is allowed by the US government to be legally sold nationwide. So you can get any CBD product you like for symptom relief regardless of local laws regarding marijuana use; whether those restrictions are limited to medicinal use or allow for recreational use. In fact, you can often buy CBD items over the counter as well, depending on the type of product you are looking for.

Ask the Experts to Learn More about CBD

Although CBD is not something you should take to get the same high you would find from traditional and recreational cannabis products, it’s not a cure-all solution either. The popularity of CBD is on the rise, and as medical science devotes more effort to understanding the effects of hemp oil apart from high-inducing THC, it is likely something that will only skyrocket into everyday use in the near future.

If CBD products are something you are interested in exploring as an alternative ailment treatment, then it’s important to consult the experts. At CBD Choice we can answer any questions you have about CBD items and dispel any myths you may have heard. We also have the experience you are looking for to help you determine which products have the best potential benefit for your health goals.

Reach out to us and learn more about how you can benefit from CBD hemp oil without the high or other negative side effects that people often contribute to cannabis use today.

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