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What Happens When a CBD Product is Independently Lab-Tested?

If you regularly buy CBD oil, edibles, topicals, vapes, or even capsules online, you’ve likely come across the expression “independent lab-testing” or “third-party testing.” What does this mean, exactly?

First, you should know that CBD products are not regulated by the FDA, so products manufactured and sold in the market are not required by the federal government to undergo any standardized lab testing for CBD. Unfortunately, while most manufacturers do their best to provide consumers with quality products, sometimes, the right quality and purity standards are not always checked as they should be.

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This is where independent lab testing of CBD oil and other products comes in to ensure that consumers get exactly what is specified on the product label. So, when searching for CBD products online, make sure to search for third-party tested and verified products, like those sold on CBD Choice.

In this article, we take at a deeper look at third-party testing and what it means for you as a consumer:

What is Independent Lab Testing?

The main goal behind having independent lab testing is to have an unbiased and neutral third-party test the content and quality of a company’s CBD products. Conducting these independent lab tests is vital in today’s booming but unregulated CBD market where impressive products are released almost on a daily basis. This is what creates some concerns among both users and experts about the quality standards maintained in the manufacture of CBD products.

There’s a risk of unscrupulous manufacturers running false adverts and scamming innocent consumers who find it hard to make informed purchases, or even get trustworthy information about CBD products being sold. Fortunately, this is where third-party lab testing for CBD comes in to ensure transparency. More companies are coming up to offer independent testing of CBD products to ensure that consumers get genuine and quality products.

Does the FDA Regulate the CBD Industry?

In all honesty, CBD regulation is typically a hazy subject. However, the FDA has the mandate to ensure that consumers don’t get exposed to dangerous, dubious, or questionable health and wellness products, and CBD falls right into that bracket.

So, for instance, if a company is selling products they claim are CBD-based and are not, then the FDA has the right to step in and test and analyze that product. Dozens of companies have been caught deceiving consumers and have learned their lesson the hard way.

If Independent Lab-Testing is Not Needed, Why Do Companies Do It?

Although companies are not required to do third-party lab testing for CBD, they’re well aware that more and more consumers are looking for credibility in the products they buy. So, this means that third-party testing is actually one of the must-dos for manufacturers. That’s why CBD companies are spending thousands of dollars each month to have independent lab testing of CBD oil and other products they sell.

Getting that “third-party tested” label on their products means everything when it comes to getting customers and making sales. It’s all about proving that you’re credible and transparent about the quality and purity of your products. This has a direct impact on how companies establish a reliable and established brand in today’s highly competitive market. In short, it’s within a CBD company’s best interest to ensure independent lab testing for their CBD products.

Qualification Standards for CBD Products

In order for CBD products to pass third-party tests, they have to meet certain industry-specific qualification standards. Companies are required to provide details regarding their business and their processes, including extraction methods, hemp or cannabis sources, CBD content, and other information about the products they sell.

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To qualify as third-party tested, CBD products have to undergo thorough lab-tests, including:

  • Phytocannabinoid spectrum tests to determine CBD potency or strength
  • Microbiology tests to ensure CBD products are free of contaminants
  • Residual solvents screening to ensure the product is safe for use
  • Pesticides/herbicides screening to ensure there are no dangerous contaminants
  • Heavy metals screening to ensure the product has no toxic materials

Third-party lab testing for CBD ensures that products sold are quality assured, third-party verified and contaminant free. What most of the independent lab tests focus on is determining the true potency and safety of CBD products being sold to consumers. Legitimate companies want to make sure that consumers get what they pay for – genuine CBD products that provide the health benefits that so many people have come to love.

The Key Takeaway

When you’re deciding which CBD company you want to buy CBD products from, you should only consider established companies that have embraced independent lab testing of CBD oil and other products in their product line. If you’re buying from companies that sell CBD oils, CBD topicals, CBD vapes, CBD edibles, CBD capsules, or CBD pet products from different top brands like CBD Choice, make sure to look out for third-party lab testing labels for CBD.

More companies are even making their test results available on their websites. If you can’t find third-party testing information on a website, you can always request that information from the customer care team. As more CBD products become available on the market, it’s become increasingly important for consumers to look for CBD products that have been independently lab tested using the latest quality standards by an unbiased, outside source.

Don’t be the next victim of crummy, low-quality CBD products. Do your homework, shop wisely, and look for established and reliable companies that value the importance of third-party quality testing to ensure consumers get value for their money.

To learn more about lab testing for CBD products, contact our customer care team today. Want to order quality and independently lab-tested CBD oils or topicals? Call us at 888-519-2445 now.

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