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The Benefits of CBD Vapes

The Benefits of CBD Vapes

For many in the CBD community, there’s no substitute for a CBD vape. Powerfully effective, deliciously flavorful, and incredibly fast-acting, CBD vape products offer unparalleled control over your CBD treatment and make for a truly pleasurable dosing experience. But is a CBD vape the right choice for you? In today’s article, we’ll be covering the ins-and-outs of CBD vaping. From the unique benefits of vaping to its physiological effects and the variety of products available, we’ll cover everything you need to know to decide whether CBD vapes would be the ideal option for your needs.

What are CBD Vape Pens Used For?

Like any form of CBD, a CBD vape can have significant benefits for a wide range of health issues. Formal research has proved that CBD offers benefits for mental health, pain relief, and treating several forms of epilepsy. But while these are the best-understood of CBD’s effects, early research and anecdotal reports suggest a wide variety of other uses. From improving sleep to regulating appetite and more, we’re finding new uses for CBD every day.

But if these benefits are true of all forms of CBD, why do so many users choose CBD vapes? Well, they have several benefits all their own. Together, these make CBD vapes an attractive and enjoyable option for getting your regular dose of CBD.

CBD Vapes are the Fastest-Acting CBD Solution

For users looking for fast-acting results, there’s simply no beating a CBD vape.

When you inhale a CBD vape, your dose is absorbed by the lungs, which is an incredibly efficient means of getting CBD into the body. For most users, inhalable CBD will deliver results within 30 seconds to a minute.

By contrast, other methods of ingesting CBD take significantly longer for the body to process. CBD edibles and beverages, for instance, must be broken down in the stomach before they can take effect. That means that you won’t feel the impact of a CBD edible for some time after ingestion; for many users, it can take up to six hours! Even CBD tinctures, which are lauded as some of the most efficient and effective CBD products, have a delayed onset, taking up to an hour before users can expect to feel results.

For users who are suffering from acute pain or anxiety and need relief fast, CBD vapes are undoubtedly the best choice. No other CBD product offers the speedy results of a CBD vape.

CBD Vapes are More Efficient and Stretch Your CBD Dose Further

Depending on their ingestion methods, different CBD products are more or less efficient. This phenomenon is known as bioavailability. Although the physiology of bioavailability is complex, the basic idea is as follows:

Different ingestion methods require the body to exert different amounts of effort to break down and absorb;  as a result, some ingestion methods will fail to absorb a portion of your CBD dose, reducing the overall effectiveness of your treatment.

The lungs are the body’s most effective and efficient way of absorbing a substance — in fact, that’s their entire purpose! When you inhale CBD, the body absorbs it very rapidly, and virtually all of the dose makes its way into the bloodstream.

By comparison, other CBD usage methods have significantly lower bioavailability and will “waste” some portion of your dose. CBD topicals, for instance, need to be absorbed through the skin — and while the lungs’ job is to bring inhaled gases into the body, the skin’s purpose is to keep substances out! Even beverages and edibles have low bioavailability (at least when compared with vapes) because first-pass elimination prevents the body from fully absorbing nutrients.

In general, CBD products’ bioavailability is as follows, from most efficient to least efficient:

That’s not to say that inhalable CBD vapes are the best CBD product; each category has its own specialized uses that make them ideal for some users. But in terms of sheer efficiency, there’s no doubt: CBD vapes allow you to get the most out of each dose and stretch your CBD usage further.

For more on this feature of CBD vapes, check out our in-depth article on CBD bioavailability.

CBD Vapes Let You Fine-Tune Your Dosage as Needed Throughout the Day

For most use-cases, CBD is most effective when used several times throughout the day. If you’re suffering from chronic pain, you don’t want your dose to fade in the middle of the afternoon, leaving you hurting for the rest of your day.

With CBD vapes, that’s never an issue. Because vapes are so fast-acting and efficient, users can make small adjustments to their dosage as needed throughout the day. As a result, CBD vapes can keep you at or near your ideal dosage level for long periods, requiring only seconds to get back from hurting to operating at peak performance.

This process is known as “microdosing”, and more and more members of the CBD community are coming to embrace it.

While it’s entirely possible to microdose with CBD tinctures, it requires more work than doing so with CBD vapes. Because tinctures take longer to kick in, users will need to anticipate their needs further in advance; tinctures require precise measurement and carting-around a tincture bottle, while vapes require no measurement and are easily portable (more on that in the FAQ titled “What Do I Need in Order to Use a CBD Vape?”).

If you’re looking to keep your CBD experience going throughout the day, CBD vapes offer unparalleled convenience and efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions About CBD Vapes

Now that you know why so many users make CBD vapes their first choice, we’re sure you have a few questions. We’ve put together this list of FAQs we regularly receive from our customers. But if you don’t see your question answered here, fear not! Just reach out to our knowledgeable customer support staff, who will be sure to point you in the right direction!

What do I Need in Order to Use a CBD Vape?

Whether you’re a new vaper looking for a plug-and-play experience or a vaping hobbyist with an impressive rig, CBD Choice carries everything you need to get the best CBD vaping experience.

Unlike other CBD products, CBD vape liquids (referred to as “E-liquid” or “juice”) need to be heated and vaporized prior to ingestion. This requires a bit of hardware.

If you’re looking for a quick-and-easy, no-nonsense solution, consider shopping for a disposable CBD vape pen. These self-contained devices come pre-charged and loaded with an impressive amount of CBD for extended use. Once it’s expended, simply toss it out!

If you already have a vape rig of your own, you’ll be more interested in our other CBD vape products.

Our CBD vape cartridges fit perfectly into any standard 510 battery. They offer a quick plug-and-play option that allows you to use your preferred vape batteries while delivering a convenient, self-contained disposable package.

But if you’re a veteran vaping enthusiast, odds are you’re rather attached to your rig, and disposable pens or cartridges just won’t compare. For users like you, we also offer CBD vape juice and vape additive. These allow you to enjoy the custom power of your own equipment with a top-quality CBD experience in a wide variety of potencies and flavors! And with vape additives, you can add a dash of CBD to your favorite traditional e-liquid, making a truly custom vape experience that’s all your own!

Can I Use my Existing Vape Rig for CBD Vape Juice?

Yes! Most CBD vape juices are virtually identical to their non-CBD counterparts, but with CBD extract added in place of nicotine or other additives. As such, the vape juices you’ll find here should “play nice” with your existing vape rig.

As always, with vaping, your experience may be improved by adjusting your voltage or coil resistance depending on the juice’s VG/PG blend, flavor, or other characteristics.

Do I Need a CBD Vape Juice? Can’t I Just Vape My CBD Tincture?

DO NOT VAPE A TRADITIONAL CBD OIL TINCTURE!!! While oil tinctures are perfectly safe for sublingual and oral ingestion, they are NOT safe for inhalation! Many oil tinctures are made with ingredients that cannot be easily absorbed through the lungs. Trying to inhale a traditional tincture can lead to significant lung damage and injury.

We carefully vet each of our CBD vape products to ensure they’re laboratory-proven to be safe and free from harmful chemical additives. Shopping with reputable vendors like CBD Choice is the best way to ensure that your CBD vaping experience is safe and effective. Still, you should always be sure to review all available information about any new product you try. Your health is worth it.

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