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CBD Roll On

Fast-acting, convenient, and effective, these CBD roll-ons allow you to target your treatment exactly where it’s needed, wherever you may go. Designed for easy application, these roll-ons are perfect for use at the gym or office, but powerful enough to take the edge off after a long day.

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  • PureKana Muscle and Joint Pain Relief Roll-On 3oz


    PureKana | Muscle & Joint Pain Relief Roll-On (3oz)


    Made for those with an active lifestyle, this truly potent CBD roll-on is perfect for after-workout recovery. It packs an impressive blend of natural oil extracts, harnessing the power of some of nature’s most muscle-soothing ingredients. With a no-mess,...

  • Koi CBD Pain Relieving Roll-On Gel 3oz

    Koi CBD

    Koi CBD | Pain Relieving Roll-On Gel (3oz)


    A cooling and relaxing CBD topical, infused with menthol, CBD isolate, and 19 essential oils. Mentholated cooling goes to work quickly while the CBD reaches deep for lasting relief. It’s a gentle and soothing blend, perfect for addressing pain from...

  • Uncle Buds CBD Body Revive Roll-On 2.5oz

    Uncle Bud's

    Uncle Bud’s | CBD Body Revive Roll-On (2.5oz)


    Powerful relief for aches and pains, a convenient roll-on applicator, fast-activating results, and a delightful coconut scent? What could be better? For those suffering from the aches and pains of a weary world, relief is just a few quick swipes away...

  • Lift CBD Muscle Rub Pain Relief Roll-On 2oz

    Lift CBD

    Lift CBD | Muscle Rub Pain Relief Roll-On (2oz)


    For topical relief on the go, this mentholated muscle rub provides the cooling and soothing comfort your body craves. This expertly-formulated CBD topical delivers a potent infusion of naturally soothing oils, CBD, and a mentholated finish that leaves...

  • cbdMD CBD Freeze Pain Relief Roller 1500mg


    cbdMD | CBD Freeze Pain Relief Roller (3oz)

    $29.99 - $99.99

    With a burst of cooling menthol and a potent dose of CBD, each application of this convenient roll-on cream brings deep relief to your muscles, joints, and various aches and pains. Fast-acting, portable, and convenient, this topical is designed to bring...

  • CBD Living Freeze 3oz

    CBD Living

    CBD Living | Freeze (3oz)


    Immerse oneself in the cannabinoid-infused comforts of CBD Living Freeze, a roll-on muscle gel that offers aid to your overworked body. Freeze contains 300mg of nano-CBD, enzymatically resized for increased bioavailability. It can be applied directly to...

  • CBDistillery CBD Cooling Relief Stick 1000mg


    CBDistillery | CBD Cooling Relief Stick (2.2oz)

    $39.99 - $74.99

    When joint and muscle pain have you feeling beat, reach for the soothing relief of this CBD Cooling Relief Stick. Its blend of CBD and menthol is carefully designed to provide a cooling and soothing effect that will take the edge off of your aches and...

  • Pachamama CBD Icy Muscle Gel 2oz


    Pachamama | CBD Icy Muscle Gel (2oz)


    Pachamama CBD Icy Muscle Gel defines one of the easiest, most natural, and most effective CBD topical treatments on the market. Not only will you be receiving the powerful, skin-benefiting effects of cannabidiol, you’ll be accessing Pachamama’s unique...

  • Medterra CBD Roll-On 2oz, 250mg


    Medterra | CBD Roll-On (2oz)

    $19.99 - $34.99

    Invigorating, fast-acting, and powerful, this Medterra CBD Roll-On delivers targeted CBD relief to where it’s needed most. Combining CBD with Menthol, Lavender, Sunflower, and a variety of other all-natural ingredients, this potent topical delivers...

  • PureKana Roll-On CBD Muscle Gel 3oz


    PureKana | Roll-On CBD Muscle Gel (3oz)


    Roll-on gels have become a hot commodity in the CBD world. They are easy to use, effective, and you can feel the results almost instantly. That’s why we can’t stop raving about the PureKana Muscle CBD Relief Roll-On Gel. This 3oz topical CBD oil provides...

  • Core CBD Roll-On Muscle Gel 2oz

    Core CBD

    Core CBD | Roll-On Muscle Gel (2oz)


    Our muscles work hard for us every single day. It’s important we return the favor, which is now easier than ever with Core CBD Roll-On Muscle Gel. This no-mess formula allows you to apply a powerfully mentholated CBD topical anywhere on the body, all...