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Cream & Lotions

Light and luxuriously moisturizing, these CBD-infused lotions and creams offer a pleasant and fragrant way to provide deep, long-lasting hydration for your whole body. Light enough for regular daily use and easily absorbed, these beauty products are perfect for delivering moisture and light CBD relief to those areas that need it most.

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  • SAFI Intense Relief CBD Cream 1.69oz


    SAFI | Intense Relief CBD Cream (1.69oz)

    0 reviews

    Don’t seek the common, ineffective forms of everyday pain relief. Instead, turn to the sensational alleviations of SAFI Intense Pain Relief CBD Cream. This CBD topical binds 400mg of powerful cannabidiol isolate with natural supplements to extend...

  • Green Roads or Pain Relief Hemp Cream 1oz

    Green Roads

    Green Roads | Pain Relief Hemp Cream (1oz)

    0 reviews
    $29.99 - $39.99

    Green Roads Pain Relief Hemp Cream Green Roads topicals are some of the best in the 'biz, but this line is a cut above! They advertise this as their first "over-the-counter strength" Pain Relief cream, and it certainly delivers on that promise! This...

  • Social CBD or Rest CBD Body Lotion 12oz

    Social CBD

    Social CBD | Rest CBD Body Lotion (12oz)

    0 reviews

    Social CBD Rest CBD Body Lotion A treat for the body and the mind, this hydrating CBD lotion offers deep moisture with a pleasant aromatherapeutic scent. It's formulated as a nighttime moisturizer, whose gentle lavender and chamomile essential oils prep...

  • Medterra Medterra or CBD Topical Pain Cream 1.7oz


    Medterra | CBD Topical Pain Cream (1.7oz)

    0 reviews
    $39.99 - $59.99

    Medterra CBD Topical Pain Cream When joint or muscle pain has you feeling down, even everyday tasks can seem like too much to bear. When you need a bit of help getting back on your feet, Medterra's award winning CBD Topical Pain Cream has what you need...

  • CBDfx CBDfx or Restoring and Detoxifying Foot Cream 1.7oz


    CBDfx | Restoring and Detoxifying Foot Cream (1.7oz)

    0 reviews

    CBDfx Restoring and Detoxifying Foot Cream Our feet may not get the everyday love they deserve, but that's about to change. Bring relief to even the most tired and stressed-out feet with CBDfx Restoring and Detoxifying Foot Cream. This unique formula...

  • CBDfx CBDfx or Muscle and Joint Cream 1.7oz


    CBDfx | Muscle and Joint Cream (1.7oz)

    0 reviews
    $29.99 - $99.99

    CBDfx Muscle and Joint Cream Muscle aches and pains have you feeling anything but your best? Enter CBDfx Muscle and Joint Cream, and you can say goodbye to the mild aches that plague your weary days. A natural blend of botanical extracts, including white...

  • Medterra Medterra or Natures Relief Cream 1.7oz


    Medterra | Nature's Relief Cream (1.7oz)

    0 reviews
    $30.99 - $44.99

    Medterra Nature's Relief Cream Treat your skin (and achy muscles) to the very best that nature has to offer. Medterra Nature's Relief Cream brings nature's bounty to bear, promoting skin nourishment and healthy, natural reduction of inflammation. Just...

  • Medterra Medterra or Rapid Recovery Cream 1.7oz


    Medterra | Rapid Recovery Cream (1.7-3.4oz)

    0 reviews
    $39.99 - $64.99

    Medterra Rapid Recovery Cream Enjoy a powerhouse combo of some of nature's most soothing and cooling extracts. This topical is perfect for soothing muscle aches and pains at the end of a workout or long day. It harnesses the power of cooling menthol,...

  • cbdMD or Recover Pain Relieving Cream Pump 3.4oz


    cbdMD | Recover Pain Relieving Cream Pump (3.4oz)

    0 reviews
    $59.99 - $89.99

    Temporary aches and pains can get you down, but fret not. The pros at cbdMD are here with another topical solution that's sure to help with what ails you. And with this easy pump-applicator, it's never been simpler to measure out a precise amount of your...

  • Uncle Buds CBD Topical Body Rub 2oz

    Uncle Bud's

    Uncle Bud’s | CBD Topical Body Rub (2oz)

    0 reviews

    For your persistent aches and pains in your muscles and joints, Uncle Bud’s proudly presents this potent topical body rub. With a gentle and pleasant coconut scent, it goes on smooth and even, then works deep to address your most troublesome parts...

  • Uncle Buds CBD Body Revive Gel 4oz

    Uncle Bud's

    Uncle Bud’s | CBD Body Revive Gel (4oz)

    0 reviews

    An easy-application, fast-absorbing, and deeply relieving CBD topical for all your aches and pains. This Body Revive Gel is one of Uncle Bud’s most popular products, and it’s easy to see why. It combines a powerful pain relief formula with a skin-healthy...

  • Uncle Buds CBD Body Lotion 8oz

    Uncle Bud's

    Uncle Bud’s | CBD Body Lotion (8oz)

    0 reviews

    Got dry skin? Uncle Bud’s has a solution for you: a meticulous blend of CBD and other supremely hydrating ingredients known as the Uncle Bud’s CBD Body Lotion. CBD-infused topicals are all the rage, but Uncle Bud’s takes topical formulations a step...

  • Miss Buds CBD Body Butter 8oz

    Uncle Bud's

    Miss Bud’s | CBD Body Butter (8oz)

    0 reviews

    A richly rejuvenating CBD topical experience awaits. This decadent body butter delivers a powerfully hydrating boost to your thirstiest skin, revitalizing and refreshing it with a natural bouquet of vitamins, omegas, and essential oils. This CBD Body...

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