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Delicious, portable, and packed full of high-quality CBD goodness, it’s no wonder that CBD gummies have emerged as one of the most popular edible options on the market. With a wide range of flavors and potencies available, these treats are a delightful way to get the full host of CBD benefits and indulge your sweet tooth.

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  • Social CBD or Lemon Broad Spectrum Gummies 60 count-1631847549

    Social CBD

    Social CBD | Lemon Broad Spectrum Gummies (60 count)


    Gummies are perhaps the easiest and most enjoyable way of adding CBD into your daily routine, and these delightful lemon gummies take that idea and run with it. These mouth-watering treats deliver authentic fruit flavor with a crisp, sweet, and slightly...

  • Green Roads or Sleepy Zs Gummies 30 count

    Green Roads

    Green Roads | Sleepy Z’s Gummies (2 - 30 count)

    $5.99 - $49.99

    Wind down at the end of your daily routine with Green Roads Sleepy Z’s Gummies. Carefully formulated with a blend of broad spectrum CBD and melatonin, these tasty treats are all about helping you get your chill on. Sleepy Z’s are vegan-friendly, non-GMO,...

  • cbdMD or Tropical Mix CBD Gummies 30 Count


    cbdMD | Tropical Mix CBD Gummies (30 Count)

    $29.99 - $89.99

    With flavors this tasty, why get your CBD any other way? Soft, chewy, and packed with a variety of delicious fruit flavors, these are a delicious way of getting your regular dose of CBD. Packed with either 10mg or 25mg of quality CBD extract, these...

  • CBD Living Green Apple Gummy Rings 10 count

    CBD Living

    CBD Living | Green Apple Gummy Rings (10 count)


    Experience the dynamic strength of a delicious green apple-flavored gummy! CBD Living Green Apple Gummy Rings allow you a different way of receiving your daily dose of cannabidiol, all through a miraculous creation that your satiate your sweet tooth...

  • CBD Living Calming Cherry Gummy Rings 10 count

    CBD Living

    CBD Living | Calming Cherry Gummy Rings (10 count)


    Your favorite gummy rings just got a makeover. CBD Living Cherry Gummy Rings combine the fan-favorite sweet and sour flavors of ring-shaped gummies with a high potency of nano-cannabidiol. But what is nano-CBD? This refers to molecules of cannabidiol...

  • CBD Living Vegan Gummies 10 count

    CBD Living

    CBD Living | Vegan Gummies (10 count)


    Prepare your taste buds for a delicious dose of CBD with these all vegan gummies from CBD Living. With these all-natural, non-animal product gummy bears, it’s never been more delicious to incorporate CBD into your vegan diet. And with authentic fruit...

  • CBD Living Gummies 10 count

    CBD Living

    CBD Living | Gummies (10 count)


    Whether at home or on the go, CBD gummies are one of the most thoroughly enjoyable ways of getting your daily dose of CBD. But CBD Living delivers something truly special with these delicious gummy bears. Not only do they come in a variety of genuinely...

  • PureKana or Vegan CBD Gummies 20-40 count


    PureKana | Vegan CBD Gummies (20-40 count)

    $39.99 - $69.99

    Getting your daily dose of CBD just got DELICIOUS. With PureKana Vegan CBD Gummies, you’re getting all the CBD you need prepared in a tasty, 100% vegan CBD isolate gummy bear! These non-GMO edibles pack 25mg per gummy and 50mg per serving, making...

  • CBDfx CBDfx or Melatonin CBD Gummies 8-60 count


    CBDfx | Melatonin CBD Gummies (8-60 count)

    $8.99 - $54.99

    CBDfx Melatonin CBD Gummies We, as human beings, define ourselves by our drives. Our drives are what keep us standing strong, rejuvenating us and providing clarity to life. Unfortunately, our drive for sleep often goes disregarded, but CBDfx has a...

  • Core CBD Sour Gummies 40 count

    Core CBD

    Core CBD | Sour Gummies (40 count)


    Get your daily dose of CBD through a tinge of tropical tang, action-packed with sour infusion! Core CBD Sour Gummies provide all of the amazing benefits of pure, Broad Spectrum cannabidiol, weaved into a tapestry of delicate yet sour flavors. These will...

  • Core CBD Gummies 40 count

    Core CBD

    Core CBD | Gummies (40 count)


    Defy conventionality with Core CBD Gummies, an alternative cannabidiol treatment that is both delicious and good for you. These CBD edibles pack 10mg of CBD per serving. Such precise dosage allows you to ingest the exact amount you are looking for in a...

  • CBDistillery Nighttime Vegan CBD Gummies 30 count


    CBDistillery | Nighttime Vegan CBD Gummies (30 count)


    At the end of a long day, sometimes you need a bit of help to calm your mind and ready yourself for a good night's sleep. CBDistillery's Nighttime Vegan Gummies give you just that help, combining a potent dose of CBD with a careful measure of the "sleep...

  • CBDistillery Vegan CBD Gummies 25 count


    CBDistillery | Vegan CBD Gummies (25 count)


    For those looking for a potent kick of CBD in an absolutely delicious package, these vegan gummies are a perfect treat. Packed with 30mg of CBD in each gummy, these gummy snacks are carefully formulated to give powerful CBD relief with just one or two...

  • Koi CBD Tropical Fruit Sour Gummies 20-count

    Koi CBD

    Koi CBD | Tropical Fruit Sour Gummies (6 or 20 count)

    $9.99 - $29.99

    Give your CBD treatment a tangy twist with these mouth-watering Koi CBD tropical fruit sour gummies. Each gummy is packed to the brim with a delicious burst of lime, tangerine, and acai-pomegranate flavor — and a lip smacking sour kick! Koi uses a...

  • Koi CBD Tropical Fruit Gummies 20-count

    Koi CBD

    Koi CBD | Tropical Fruit Gummies (6 or 20 count)

    $9.99 - $29.99

    Make your CBD treatment a treat with these potent and delicious Koi CBD tropical gummies! Each bite is bursting with delicious tropical fruit flavors like lime, tangerine, and acai-pomegranate. Koi has packed 10mg of full spectrum CBD into each treat,...

  • A bottle of CBDfx or Vegan CBD Gummy Bears, 60 count


    CBDfx | Vegan CBD Gummy Bears (8 or 60 count)

    $8.99 - $49.99

    The absolute pinnacle of a candied CBD treat, CBDfx Vegan CBD Gummy Bears make use of a mouth-watering berry flavor that both satiates the taste buds and leaves you looking forward to your daily dose. Not only are these CBDfx gummies vegan, but they’re...

  • GoGreen Hemp CBD Peach Rings 20 count

    GoGreen Hemp

    GoGreen Hemp | CBD Peach Rings (20 count)


    For discerning candy-lovers, few things are more delectable than the near-perfect confectionary known as the Peach Ring. But GoGreen Hemp has done us one better, combining the authentic peach ring taste, texture, and mouth-watering satisfaction with a...

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