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Delicious, portable, and packed full of high-quality CBD goodness, it’s no wonder that CBD gummies have emerged as one of the most popular edible options on the market. With a wide range of flavors and potencies available, these treats are a delightful way to get the full host of CBD benefits and indulge your sweet tooth.

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  • Green Roads or Sleepy Zs Gummies 30 count

    Green Roads

    Green Roads | Sleepy Z’s Gummies (2 - 30 count)

    $5.99 - $49.99

    Wind down at the end of your daily routine with Green Roads Sleepy Z’s Gummies. Carefully formulated with a blend of broad spectrum CBD and melatonin, these tasty treats are all about helping you get your chill on. Sleepy Z’s are vegan-friendly, non-GMO,...

  • Green Roads Gummy CBD Relief Toads 40 count, 400mg

    Green Roads

    Green Roads | Gummy CBD Relief Toads (40 count)


    These adorable, tasty little gummy toads are a delightful and delicious way of getting your daily dose of CBD. But don't let the toad shape fool you — these treats are all vegan! Green Roads certainly doesn't scrimp on taste Each one of these powerful...

  • Green Roads Gummy CBD Fruit Bites 30 count, 300mg

    Green Roads

    Green Roads | Gummy CBD Fruit Bites (5 or 30 count)

    $6.49 - $43.95

    Some of the most delicious CBD gummies available anywhere, Green Roads' CBD Fruit Bites are not to be missed. These bites feature some of the most popular fruit flavors, including grape, lemon, apple, cherry, and mango. Each fruity chew packs-in 10mg of...

  • Green Roads Gummy CBD Sour Froggies  4 count, 100mg

    Green Roads

    Green Roads | Gummy CBD Sour Froggies (1 or 4 count)

    $4.99 - $17.99

    Now with a mouth-puckering sour twist, Green Roads has improved on the near-perfection of their delectable CBD Froggies. If you've tried the classic CBD Froggies, you know they're delicious. These Sour Froggies bring the same range of tasty and authentic...

  • Green Roads Gummy CBD Froggies 4 count, 200mg

    Green Roads

    Green Roads | Gummy CBD Froggies (1 or 4 count)

    $4.99 - $24.99

    When you're looking for a truly potent — and undeniably delicious — CBD edible, you can't go wrong with Green Roads' CBD Froggies. Anyone who's tried them will tell you, these are some of the most delectable CBD gummies you'll find anywhere. They feature...

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