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CBD Drinks

As more and more users become aware of the benefits that CBD use can bring to their daily lives, new and more convenient methods for CBD treatment continue to emerge. For many users, beverages containing CBD allow an unparallelled convenience that allows for treatment and relief anywhere, any time. From waters to caffeinated coffees and teas to syrup concentrates — CBD-infused beverages make it easier than ever to fit a CBD treatment into your daily routine.

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  • Green Roads CBD Chamomile Tea 1 count

    Green Roads

    Green Roads | CBD Chamomile Tea (1 count)


    Luxuriate your nighttime routine with a cup of tea so beautifully blended with the herbal essences of chamomile, vanilla, and peppermint. Infused with 7mg of CBD, this Green Roads CBD Chamomile Tea is sure to enliven your daily CBD intake through the...

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