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Rich in flavor and aroma, CBD-infused teas are a relaxing and refreshing way to enjoy CBD’s host of wellness benefits. These products are carefully formulated to provide a calm, soothing experience that revitalizes body and mind. With a variety of classic tea varieties to choose from, these CBD offerings are a great way to spice up your tea time and take control of your health and wellness needs.

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  • CBD Living or Chai Turmeric Tea 2.5oz

    CBD Living

    CBD Living | Chai Turmeric Tea (2.5oz)

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    This CBD-infused loose leaf tea offers a rich, spicy, and undeniably tasty blend of flavors. Its mix of ginger, cinnamon, turmeric, and other spices combines to create a delightful, heady sipping experience. Potent and powerful, this chai isn’t messing...

  • CBD Living or Mango Herbal Tea 2oz

    CBD Living

    CBD Living | Mango Herbal Tea (2oz)

    0 reviews

    CBD Living keeps delivering hit after hit — and this CBD-infused Mango Herbal Tea is definitely a hit. A gentle and delicate blend of delicious fruit flavors, this loose leaf tea combines rich mango, sweet peach, and a floral bouquet. The result: a...

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