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Rich in flavor and aroma, CBD-infused teas are a relaxing and refreshing way to enjoy CBD’s host of wellness benefits. These products are carefully formulated to provide a calm, soothing experience that revitalizes body and mind. With a variety of classic tea varieties to choose from, these CBD offerings are a great way to spice up your tea time and take control of your health and wellness needs.

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  • Green Roads CBD Chamomile Tea 1 count

    Green Roads

    Green Roads | CBD Chamomile Tea (1 count)


    Luxuriate your nighttime routine with a cup of tea so beautifully blended with the herbal essences of chamomile, vanilla, and peppermint. Infused with 7mg of CBD, this Green Roads CBD Chamomile Tea is sure to enliven your daily CBD intake through the...

  • CBD Living or Coconut Herbal Tea 1.75oz

    CBD Living

    CBD Living | Coconut Herbal Tea (1.75oz)


    This deliciously light tea is a relaxing, mellow, and naturally sweet way to unwind at the end of a long day. Made with green rooibos  and coconut, this is a classic herbal blend with a full-bodied tropical twist. Naturally caffeine free, it’s...

  • CBD Living or Matcha Instant Green Tea 1.5oz

    CBD Living

    CBD Living | Matcha Instant Green Tea (1.5oz)


    For tea lovers on the go, this instant Matcha Green Tea offers a powerful boost to your mood and energy — and a fast-acting dose of CBD wellness. This blend couldn’t be any more straightforward: made with only 100% organic, stone ground...

  • CBD Living or Berry Black Tea 1.6oz

    CBD Living

    CBD Living | Berry Black Tea (1.6oz)


    Rich and potent, this CBD-infused loose leaf tea is sure to please those looking for a complex and heady cuppa. Brewed with authentic assam black tea and organic black currant and blackberry extract, this flavorful blend will give you something to ponder...

  • CBD Living or Chai Turmeric Tea 2.5oz

    CBD Living

    CBD Living | Chai Turmeric Tea (2.5oz)


    This CBD-infused loose leaf tea offers a rich, spicy, and undeniably tasty blend of flavors. Its mix of ginger, cinnamon, turmeric, and other spices combines to create a delightful, heady sipping experience. Potent and powerful, this chai isn’t messing...

  • CBD Living or Passion Green Tea 1.5oz

    CBD Living

    CBD Living | Passion Green Tea (1.5oz)


    This innervating and uplifting blend of passionfruit and sencha green tea is a complex, aromatic mix that will perk you up with every flavorful sip. Made from only all-natural organic ingredients, it is a simple blend — but one that delivers a...

  • CBD Living or Mango Herbal Tea 2oz

    CBD Living

    CBD Living | Mango Herbal Tea (2oz)


    CBD Living keeps delivering hit after hit — and this CBD-infused Mango Herbal Tea is definitely a hit. A gentle and delicate blend of delicious fruit flavors, this loose leaf tea combines rich mango, sweet peach, and a floral bouquet. The result: a...

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