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CBD Concentrates

These CBD concentrates are an extremely high-potency delivery mechanism that allow you to feel CBD’s full wellness benefits faster than almost any other method. Smoking these concentrates is generally much easier on the lungs than traditional flower, and the speed of delivery is unparalleled. All of our concentrates are made from CBD-rich 100% hemp buds, so you can be confident of the quality and purity of every use.

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  • A box of CBDfx CBD Wax Dabs, 1g


    CBDfx | CBD Wax Dabs (1g)


    Sometimes, you just got to dab it out. That’s why CBDfx CBD Wax Dabs are here to offer you a full-throttle CBD experience. These CBD Wax Dabs combine all-natural, organically-grown hemp oil with pure Full Spectrum cannabidiol. Ideal for those who are...