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CBD Capsules & Pills

While CBD comes in all sorts of convenient shapes and sizes, many users find that the convenience of CBD Capsules makes it the ideal option for their busy lifestyle. These easy-to-swallow gel caps are easy to fit into any daily routine, are pre-measured into precise dosages, and are virtually flavorless, which many taste-sensitive users enjoy. And best of all, they are easy to use virtually anywhere, with no prep, no mess, and no clean-up. With these capsules, it’s quick and painless to receive a consistent dose of CBD relief wherever and whenever you may need it.

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  • Social CBD Rest Gel Capsules 30 Count

    Social CBD

    Social CBD | Rest Gel Capsules (30 Count)


    Social CBD Rest Gel Capsules give you everything you’ll need for a good night’s sleep! Formulated with healthy sleep cycles in mind, these CBD powers combine the effectiveness of CBD treatment with natural herbal supplements, including Valerian root and...

  • Social CBD Boost Gel Capsules 30 Count

    Social CBD

    Social CBD | Boost Gel Capsules (30 Count)


    Encounter the energizing effects of CBD with Social CBD Boost Gel Capsules. These easy-to-swallow CBD capsules were formulated to help you beat the burnout. They combine natural yerba mate and moringa extracts with CBD to bolster additional benefits...

  • Social CBD Recover Gel Capsules 30 Count

    Social CBD

    Social CBD | Recover Gel Capsules (30 Count)


    Define the connection between body and mind with Social CBD Recover Gel Capsules. These well-crafted CBD capsules combine the rejuvenating effects of CBD with a blend of natural extracts, providing you with self-care at its absolute finest. Just take one...

  • Social CBD Balance Gel Capsules 30 Count

    Social CBD

    Social CBD | Balance Gel Capsules (30 Count)


    If you want to experience all of the harmonizing effects of CBD with none of the hassle, Social CBD Balance Gel Capsules are perfect for you! Pre-filled doses of 33.33mg of CBD per capsule means all you have to do is swallow. No fussing with CBD...

  • Medterra Pure CBD Softgel Capsules 30 Count, 1500mg


    Medterra | Pure CBD Softgel Capsules (30 Count)

    $44.99 - $59.99

    With Medterra’s Pure CBD Softgels, it’s never been easier to get a high-potency dose of CBD wellness with no prep, no muss, no fuss. Available in both 25mg and 50mg strengths, Medterra’s softgels are some of the most potent CBD products...

  • CBDistillery Full Spectrum CBD Capsules 30 count


    CBDistillery | Full Spectrum CBD Capsules (30 count)


    CBDistillery has discontinued these 25mg CBD Capsules, but don't worry! You can still get a quality CBDistillery full spectrum experience with these 30mg softgels!   With all the CBD wellness benefits packed into a simple CBD Capsule, these are...

  • CBDfx CBDfx or CBD Hemp Capsules 8 - 60 count


    CBDfx | CBD Hemp Capsules (8 - 60 count)

    $19.99 - $89.99

    Sometimes, a CBD product just isn’t for you. Maybe you don’t enjoy the self-dosing of sublingual tincture or maybe vaping has just never been your thing. Whatever your reasoning, CBD capsules may be the alternative you’ve been looking...

  • GoGreen Hemp CBD Softgel 25mg Capsules

    GoGreen Hemp

    GoGreen Hemp | CBD Softgel Capsules (30 count)

    $29.99 - $59.99

    Simple, convenient, and easy on the way down, these CBD Softgel capsules are a no-nonsense way to get your daily dose of CBD. Available in both 10mg and 25mg of CBD per capsule, GoGreen's softgels make it easy to get the precise dosage you need with no...

  • Green Roads CBD Capsules 30 count

    Green Roads

    Green Roads | CBD Capsules (30 count)


    Simple and easy to use, CBD Capsules offer unparalleled convenience for those looking to fit CBD treatment into their busy routines. Green Roads CBD Capsules offer a potent, 25mg dose of CBD with each capsule — precisely pre-measured and requiring no...

  • A bottle of CBD Pure CBD Softgel Capsules, 30 Count

    CBD Pure

    CBD Pure | CBD Softgel Capsules (30 Count)


    CBD Pure Softgels 750mg (30 count, 25mg each) These CBD Pure softgels are a convenient way to dose CBD while on-the-go. And here at CBD Choice, we only stock the highest-quality and most innovative CBD products, so you can be sure that these softgels...