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PureKana Products Now Available at CBD Choice

PureKana Products Now Available at CBD Choice

CBD Choice is delighted today to announce that it has partnered with PureKana, and will be offering a range of its high-quality and high-potency cbd oil products. PureKana has long been a well-respected CBD oil industry leader, and has demonstrated its commitment to providing only the highest-quality CBD products. As part of CBD Choice’s ongoing mission to provide safe, effective, and transparent CBD products to its customers, this is an exciting moment for all our customers interested in CBD oil benefits for taking control of their health and wellness.

For CBD Choice, it is vitally important that we provide our customers with all of the information that they need to make the most educated and effective choice for their individual needs. We carefully select the companies we work with, and we hand-pick each and every one of the products we stock to ensure you receive only the purest, highest-quality, and third-party laboratory tested cannabidiol products.

After working with PureKana to ensure that our goals and values align, CBD Choice is delighted to begin offering the following PureKana CBD oil and oil-derived products, with more coming in the future:

PureKana’s CBD oil products are held to an extremely high standard of quality. Ultra-concentrated and potent, they are some of the most powerful products on the market and offer an unparalleled level of CBD oil benefits to users most in need. All of their products are non-GMO, and are derived only from organically-grown Kentucky hemp. Their hemp, once harvested, undergoes careful processing, extraction, and laboratory testing to ensure purity, potency, and full adherence to state and federal regulations. And all of their CBD oil is derived from 100% food-grade hemp, and is therefore guaranteed safe for use in capsules, powders, topicals, sprays, and edibles.

Transparency and safety are vital goals for any product aimed at health and wellness, but the CBD industry’s massive surge in recent years has attracted some less-than reputable vendors into the market. We are dedicated to vetting products before making them available to you, so that you know each purchase is not only safe, but will provide the best CBD oil benefits that the industry has to offer. PureKana has demonstrated its commitment to these same important goals, and we are thrilled to partner together to offer our CBD oil customers some of the highest potency and most effective products on the market.

Since its founding in 2017, PureKana has established itself as one of the most well-respected and innovative manufacturers of CBD oil derived products. Based out of Scottsdale, Arizona, PureKana has consistently pushed the CBD industry into brave new frontiers, working to grow awareness of how CBD oil benefits can improve the lives of both young and old. Although PureKana has largely marketed itself towards young CBD oil consumers with active lifestyles, its high potency products have also found a fond following with older customers and those using CBD oil for pain, for anxiety, and other pressing health needs.

In addition to providing high-potency and purity CBD oil, topicals, and edibles, PureKana has worked hard to grow awareness of the powerful CBD oil benefits that this wonderful compound has to offer. PureKana has helped the industry to reach hearts and minds, and has shown many users the truth: far from a white-washed excuse for people to use weed, CBD oil benefits users who suffer from a wide range of debilitating health conditions. These efforts have done much to help legitimize the industry and bring attention to the incredible potential for CBD oil benefits to health and wellness for people in need of quality, affordable care.

CBD Choice is proud to partner together with PureKana, working together to advance these important goals and to bring ever greater awareness of the potential CBD oil benefits to people in need. With PureKana’s potent and effective CBD oil products available, CBD Choice is a better resource than ever before for patients looking to seize control of their health and wellness needs.

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