Steve’s Goods | CBG Slab (333mg-1000mg)

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Steve’s Goods | CBG Slab (333mg-1000mg)



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If you’re looking for a smokable and vapable way to spice up your wellness regimen, then you’re in for a treat. Steve’s Goods presents a potent, 99% Pure CBG Slab, allowing you to experience a potent, no-nonsense dose of the mother cannabinoid. This is a no-THC, no terpene, no CBD concentrate that’s all about one thing: allowing you to experience the unadulterated treatment potential of one of hemp’s most important compounds. If you’re looking to experience CBG firsthand and enjoy the fast-acting results of smoking and vaping, then there’s no other product on the market that will deliver the potency and purity of this Steve’s Goods CBG Slab. It’s an exciting time to be a cannabinoid connoisseur, and Steve’s Goods offers an experience like no other you’ll find. Dosage (serving size: varies by user)
  • 333mg Slab: about 20 servings, 333mg total CBG
  • 500mg Slab: about 20 servings, 500mg total CBG
  • 1000mg Slab: about 20 servings, 1000mg total CBG

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333mg, 500mg, 1000mg


.33g, .5g, 1g


Steve’s Goods CBG Slab

Although it doesn’t get nearly the amount of attention as CBD, CBG is arguably the most important cannabinoid found in hemp. That’s because it is the parent of all other hemp cannabinoids, including CBD. We owe much to CBG, and Steve’s Goods wants users to experience the compound’s full effects and treatment potential first hand.

This CBG Slab is meant to be smoked or dabbed, and it offers an incredibly mild, slightly sweet flavor. It’s pleasant on the tongue, but it won’t distract from your treatment — or from any other product that you vape or smoke alongside it.

Use this CBG Slab the same way that you would any traditional, dabbable concentrate. Either place a small amount into your dab rig, or sprinkle your measured dosage onto flower or another smokable. Then sit back, relax, and enjoy the full range of effects from CBG, the mother cannabinoid.

Steve’s Goods sources all of their CBG from all-natural hemp. It’s all grown at their hand-selected partner farms, located in Colorado. The result is a shockingly pure, potent CBG slab, with absolutely no THC.

Just like CBD, CBG is best experienced firsthand — and there’s no better way to do it than with this pure, potent, and fast acting dabbable CBG Slab. Steve’s Goods is at the forefront of bringing CBG to the masses, and this product showcases their commitment to providing unique, quality, potent CBG for all.


  • Pure CBG isolate