Social CBD | Unflavored Pet Drops (30ml)

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Social CBD | Unflavored Pet Drops (30ml)



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Give your pets the best of the best in CBD pet products with Social CBD Unflavored Pet Drops. This CBD tincture is perfect for your cuddly companions! It’s unflavored, meaning there are no unhealthy additives or unnatural flavor enhancers that we don’t want our pets ingesting. These Social CBD Unflavored Pet Drops are the perfect addition to your furry friends’ food or water bowls, and can even be administered orally. Get what’s right for your pets. Get Social CBD Unflavored Pet Drops today and see the effects in your pets tomorrow! Dosage (serving size: 1ml)
  • 30ml volume, 750mg CBD total, 25mg CBD per serving

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Social CBD Unflavored CBD Pet Drops

Social CBD Unflavored Pet Drops are an amazing CBD pet product that allows your pets to experience the heartwarming benefits of CBD. It’s a Broad Spectrum CBD oil, meaning it contains 0% THC and has a 0% chance of getting our pets high.

This CBD pet tincture contains 750mg of CBD per bottle and 25mg per serving. It’s the perfect daily dose for your feline friends and canine companions! But Social CBD Unflavored Pet Drops are designed for any animal possessing an endocannabinoid system That’s right! Any mammal can gain the benefits of CBD because all mammals possess an endocannabinoid system.

These Social CBD Unflavored Pet Drops can be given orally to your pets, or it can dropped on top of food or in a water bowl. Pets ingest CBD metabolically similar to humans. Whatever method works best for you will work best for your pets as well!

Pet owners have adapted to a CBD-for-pets mentality because it’s been shown that CBD can have a range of effects on our animals. This includes helping them adjust to problems with age, joint and muscle pain, inflammation, and a healthy diet. Research is still underway on the exact effect of CBD on animals, but one thing is for sure: Social CBD Unflavored Pet Drops capitalize on the relationship between CBD and our pets to provide them with a nutritional experience that is safe and natural.


  • Hemp-derived CBD extract
  • Fractionated coconut oil (MCT)