Social CBD | Peanut Butter Flavored Pet Drops (30ml)

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Social CBD | Peanut Butter Flavored Pet Drops (30ml)



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What dog doesn’t love peanut butter? Ours certainly do. That’s why Social CBD Peanut Butter Pet Drops are perfect for any pup. Supplement your canine companion’s daily dose of CBD with a product they’ll love. These CBD pet tinctures can be put atop food, into food, or even given directly to your pets orally. They’ll love the flavor and relish in the benefits of CBD. For happier, healthier pups, choose Social CBD Peanut Butter Pet Drops.  Dosage (serving size: 1ml)
  • 30oz volume, 750mg CBD total, 25mg CBD per serving

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Social CBD Peanut Butter Flavored CBD Pet Drops

Social CBD Peanut Butter Pet Drops are the perfect product for dog lovers everywhere. Combining natural peanut butter flavor with superior hemp-derived CBD extract, your pups will find this CBD tincture irresistible.

Similar to humans, mammals also possess an endocannabinoid system, known as the ECS. The ECS exists within the nervous system, and it’s where CBD interacts with the brain in order to provide both your body and mind with substantial benefits. And because all dogs have an ECS, our cuddly furry friends can experience the wondrous advantages of Social CBD Peanut Butter Pet Drops.

CBD pet products have become staple commodities in the lives of dog owners everywhere. Dog lovers say that CBD helps fight the aging process in their canines, noticeably relieve pain, and can even calm their pets down when they’re being overly hyper.

Social CBD Peanut Butter Pet Drops contain Broad Spectrum CBD, meaning there is 0% THC content. There’s no risk that what you’re giving your beloved animals will get them high. CBD is non-psychoactive in nature, meaning you have nothing to be afraid of.

Social CBD only uses the finest CBD extracts in their line of pet products. Social CBD cares about the health and safety of your pups. That’s why they created Social CBD Peanut Butter Pet Drops. The peanut butter flavor derives from natural herbs and spices and is 100% vegan!

Get your pets the CBD oil they really want. Social CBD Peanut Butter Pet Drops are easy to administer, delicious, and beneficial to your precious pups. See for yourself exactly how CBD can fit into your canine’s life.


  • Hemp-derived CBD extract
  • Fractioned coconut oil (MCT)
  • Natural flavoring