Social CBD | Focus Spearmint Vape Pen (250mg)

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Social CBD | Focus Spearmint Vape Pen (250mg)


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Supplement some spearmint into your life with the Social CBD Focus Spearmint Vape Pen, a CBD vape product that will provide you with energy all throughout the day, every day. Infused with natural spearmint essential oils, this vape pen will maximize your intake of CBD benefits. It’s designed with 250mg of CBD per pen in order to provide you with long-lasting effects. It can be used all day long, with about 2mg of CBD per serving. Dosage (serving size: one 3-6 second inhale)
  • 250mg Vape Pen: 0.018oz volume, about 2mg CBD per serving

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Social CBD Spearmint Focus Vape Pen

This Social CBD Focus Spearmint Vape Pen offers natural hemp-extracted CBD combined masterfully with a highly-refined spearmint taste. Dedicated to helping you stay focused all throughout the day, this CBD vape pen presents everything you need and more.

Social CBD sources some of the purest CBD on the market. These Full Spectrum oils are derived from whole-plant cannabis extracts, meaning they contain an array of beneficial cannabinoids, terpenes, and phytocannabinoids. All of these natural ingredients boost the power of CBD within your body.

Social CBD Focus Spearmint Vape Pens are enriched with natural, delicious spearmint essential oil to help you stay alert and motivated. Spearmint is renown for helping you focus and has been observed to reduce stress while increasing memory. Spearmint has been used as an herbal supplement for thousands of years. Additionally, it’s associated with balancing internal hormones, lowering blood sugar levels, and improving digestion.

The Social CBD Focus Spearmint Vape Pen combines both this natural CBD and spearmint essential oil to offer an elite flavor packed to the brim with nutritional benefits. And making use of ceramic core technology, these CBD vapes evenly distribute heat to the oil, providing a better overall vaping experience to the user.

CBD vapes stand out among the crowded CBD marketplace because they offer fast-acting relief, unlike many other CBD products. In fact, it’s theorized the CBD vape pens and other vaporizers get CBD into your system faster than oils, edibles, topicals, and other products infused with the supplement. And as an added benefit, Social CBD Focus Spearmint Vape Pens are self-contained, meaning you’ll never have to refill or charge them. Just take it out of the package and you’re ready to puff!

The Social CBD Focus Spearmint Vape Pen brings excellence to the table, along with minty freshness that will excite the senses. Designed to help you stay focused, this CBD vape pen is just what you need to maintain motivation throughout the day.


  • Hemp-derived CBD extract
  • Natural essential oils
  • Fractioned coconut oil (MCT)