Slumber | CBN Oil Tincture (15-30ml)

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Slumber | CBN Oil Tincture (15-30ml)



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For the best sleep of your life, CBN, “the sleepy cannabinoid” might just be the perfect answer. This gently soothing CBN oil tincture offers a measured, potent dose of CBM, with relaxing lavender and beta caryophyllene. The result is a uniquely effective and delightfully dreamy tool to whisk you away to dreamland. You’ll find no CBD in this powerful tincture; CBN is the star of the show — and with a formula this effective, it doesn’t need any help from hemp’s other cannabinoids. See what more and more CBN users are realizing: experience firsthand what CBN can do for your restful sleep and the wakeful, energized days that follow. Dosage (serving size: 1ml)
  • 15ml volume: 150mg CBN total, 10mg per serving
  • 30ml volume: 300mg CBN total, 10mg per serving

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150mg CBN (15ml), 300mg CBN (30ml)


15ml, 30ml


Slumber CBN Oil Tincture

A potent hemp-based solution to all the most common sleep ailments, this CBN tincture combines hemp’s best sleep-boosting cannabinoid with an infusion of lavender and beta caryophyllene. The result is a powerfully effective sleep-aid that can help you get the rest of your dreams.

CBN has recently attracted attention from users and researchers alike for its gentle but powerfully soothing sleep-aid properties. Although it appears in very small amounts in hemp, Slumber has isolated and concentrated it in this tincture, delivering a truly impressive concentration that offers undeniable results.

The formula for this tincture is simple and efficient. No frills, just the most naturally relaxing ingredients you’ll find in the market. With no CBD or other hemp cannabinoids besides CBN, it’s as pure as hemp treatment comes.

As always at CBD Choice, know that we hold our products to the highest standards in the industry. Each batch of Slumber’s CBN Sleep-aid Tincture is sent out for comprehensive testing at America’s leading independent laboratories. These tests ensure the purity, potency, and efficacy of Slumber’s tincture, so you know you’ll get a quality product every time.

For the best sleep of your life, CBN may be the key you’ve been waiting for. And for quality CBN, there’s no better source than Slumber’s CBN Oil Tincture. Made with a pure, concentrated CBN isolate and a host of synergistic ingredients, it delivers the most gentle and effective sleep treatment that hemp has to offer.


  • Cannabinol
  • MCT oil
  • Linalool (lavender)
  • Beta caryophyllene