PureKana | Peanut Butter & Pumpkin CBD Dog Treats (20-25 count)

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PureKana | Peanut Butter & Pumpkin CBD Dog Treats (20-25 count)



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What dog doesn’t like peanut butter? With PureKana CBD Dog Treats - Peanut Butter & Pumpkin, your pets will have access to all the perks of CBD packed into a delicious artisan snack. PureKana CBD Dog Treats - Peanut Butter & Pumpkin offer an industry-leading proprietary blend of CBD extract to your pups – because why should humans get all the benefits of CBD? Available in 2 strengths – one for smaller pups (up to 40lbs) and one for larger dogs (over 40lbs) – these treats will become your dog’s new favorite! They are organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, and 100% free of THC, artificial colors, and artificial preservatives. Only the best for our furry friends! Dosage (serving size: 1 treat):
  • Small Dog Treats: 25 treats, 25mg CBD per bag, 1mg CBD per serving
  • Large Dog Treats: 20 treats, 50mg CBD per bag, 2.5mg CBD per serving

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25mg (25 count), 50mg (20 count)


20 count


PureKana Peanut Butter & Pumpkin CBD Dog Treats

The treats offer a great alternative to everyday dog treats. These unique treats possess special, refined flavors that your dog will love, as well as boasting only organic, non-GMO, gluten-free ingredients.

Humans absorb the benefits of CBD through the endocannabinoid system (ECS), but it’s been shown that all mammals – not just us – possess an ECS. This means that all of our furry friends can access the benefits of CBD!

In dogs, it’s been observed that CBD may help with an array of ailments. CBD can affect separation anxiety, stress caused by loud noises, mobility issues, appetite, sleep, aging, skin and coat health, and general quality of life. That’s right, your pups can experience all of this and more with PureKana CBD Dog Treats – Peanut Butter & Pumpkin.

PureKana CBD Dog Treats – Peanut Butter & Pumpkin come in two distinct sizes: 25mg of CBD for small dogs (up to 40lbs) and 50mg of CBD for large dogs (over 40lbs). These treats possess 1.25mg or 2.5mg of CBD each, depending on the size. PureKana’s CBD is sourced from 100% organic, Kentucky-grown industrial hemp, so your pets will only be getting the best that the market has to offer.

PureKana Peanut Butter & Pumpkin Hemp Dog Treats are 100% THC-free. These treats are made using Full Spectrum CBD, meaning they include a variety of other cannabinoids, terpenes, and phytocannabinoids which help the CBD better do its job within our dogs.

At 20 treats per bag, your dogs can experience PureKana Peanut Butter & Pumpkin Hemp Dog Treats for days to come. Give them away as individual goodies or add them to your dog’s daily dietary routine. Plus, they’re free of any artificial flavors or preservatives – only the best for our precious pups.


  • Raw hemp extract cannabidiol (CBD)
  • Organic pumpkin puree
  • Peanut butter
  • Oat flour
  • Farm fresh eggs
  • Salt
  • Mixed tocopherols
  • Natural preservatives