Pachamama | CBD Icy Muscle Gel (2oz)

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Pachamama | CBD Icy Muscle Gel (2oz)


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Pachamama CBD Icy Muscle Gel defines one of the easiest, most natural, and most effective CBD topical treatments on the market. Not only will you be receiving the powerful, skin-benefiting effects of cannabidiol, you’ll be accessing Pachamama’s unique blend of fair trade ingredients, including camphor, achyranthes bidentata, jojoba, paeonia albiflora, and poria cocos. These natural supplements work together to provide you with the utmost effects for your skin, promoting well-being and increasing relief. Nowhere else will you find a CBD experience so in tune with Mother Earth. Pachamama’s CBD Icy Muscle Gel aims to utilize all of nature’s greatest gifts, shying away from unnatural chemicals or additives that are riddled with side effects. Instead, hone in on the sheer power of natural compounds, working together to deliver you the highest levels of satisfaction. Dosage (serving size: apply as needed)
  • 2oz volume, 500mg total CBD, 250mg CBD per 1oz topical

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Pachamama CBD Icy Muscle Gel

Pachamama CBD Icy Muscle Gel contains 500mg of Broad Spectrum cannabidiol. In a 2oz topical formula, you’ll be receiving a potent CBD treatment that benefits you, your body, and your well-being. Not only that, but Broad Spectrum CBD contains an array of cannabinoids, phytocannabinoids, amino acids, terpenes, and essential fatty acids, all naturally found in the hemp plant. These compounds work together to increase the effectiveness of CBD within your body through a phenomenon known as the Entourage Effect.

Furthermore, this CBD Icy Muscle Gel contains no THC. This topical ointment will not make you high in any way, nor will you experience any manner of psychoactive side effects. Just pure, clean treatment, just the way Mother Nature intended.

Additionally, roll-on gels are fitted with a unique round cap. This delivers the gel from the bottle straight to your skin, eliminating the messiness and frugality of other topical ointments. With Pachamama CBD Icy Muscle Gel, you don’t have to get gel all over your hands. Instead, simply rub this topical on your skin where it’s needed most using the built-in roller and you’re on your way to influential CBD treatment, easy as that.

Plus, it’s not just CBD that steals the show here. In this CBD Icy Muscle Gel, you’ll be harnessing the cooling powers of natural menthol, relieving the skin and fighting back pain. This gel also comes infused with a variety of natural, world-sourced compounds and extracts, improving the gains you’ll achieve through this product. These include:

  • Camphor: known to relieve pain and swelling
  • Achyranthes bidentata: can clear pus, regulate waters, and benefit your joints
  • Carrageenan: helps bind beneficial waters to the skin
  • Jojoba esters: a natural emollient remarkably similar to the skin’s natural oils
  • Paeonia albiflora root: may calm skin, increase smoothness, and reduce redness
  • Poria cocos: a natural antioxidant that keeps skin firm

Nowhere on the market will you find such unique natural compounds working in perfect harmony to relieve pain and irritation. Pachamama aims to provide you with the most natural CBD treatment you can find, plain and simple. They take direction from Mother Earth, crafting this CBD Icy Muscle Gel in a way that would make an environmentalist proud.


  • Broad spectrum hemp extract (CBD)
  • Menthol
  • Camphor
  • Achyranthes bidentata extract
  • Carrageenan
  • Cetyl hydroxyethylcellulose
  • Glycerin
  • Hydrolyzed jojoba esters
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Paeonia albiflora root extract
  • Poria cocos extract
  • Water
  • Xanthan gum