Medix CBD | Pet Oil for Dogs (30ml)

Medix CBD | Pet Oil for Dogs (30ml)



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Medix CBD Pet Oil For Dogs is built from the ground up with your dog’s wellness in mind. With a rich bacon flavor, it’s a tasty treat that most dogs will be happy to lap-up — making treatment a truly pain-free experience. With 3 different CBD potencies tailored for small (100mg), medium (250mg), and large (500mg) sized dogs, Medix makes it easy to find the perfect treatment for your pet’s health and wellness needs. For pickier eaters, feel free to add a dose to their favorite food! Made with 100% US-grown hemp, Medix’s CBD Pet Oil is the perfect way to introduce CBD into your pet’s daily routine. Dosage (serving size: 1ml dropper)
  • Small Size Dog: 100mg CBD total, 30ml volume, 3.33mg CBD per 1ml
  • Medium Size Dog: 250mg CBD total, 30ml volume, 8.33mg CBD per 1ml
  • Large Size Dog: 500mg CBD total, 30ml volume, 16.67mg CBD per 1ml

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100mg (30ml), 250mg (30ml), 500mg (30ml)




Medix CBD Pet Oil for Dogs

Medix CBD Pet Oil is a quality CBD oil, designed specifically to appeal to dogs. It has a rich bacon flavor that is sure to please the average pup, who may balk at the raw taste of other unflavored oils.

This CBD oil is available in 3 different potencies, each designed with a different size of dog in mind. For small dogs, the 100mg CBD potency is ideal, while medium dogs will want the 250mg, and large dogs should use the 500mg CBD tincture. Regardless of which potency is right for your dog, they’ll receive the same quality ingredients, rich flavor, and full spectrum CBD experience.

Like any oil tincture, these pet drops are best taken sublingually — held under the tongue for a brief period before being swallowed. Many cooperative dogs can handle this method, but if yours can’t, don’t panic! It’s perfectly fine for the dog to swallow the oil right away, or even to add the dose to your dog’s water bowl or favorite food. These methods will just take a little longer for the CBD to start affecting your pet.

Like all of our products on CBD Choice, know that this pet oil has been held to a rigorous standard of quality and excellence. After production, it was subject to a barrage of tests, carried out by reputable third-party laboratories. These ensure that your pet will receive a pure, potent, and safe product — with no pesticides, herbicides, or other harmful contaminants. Whether shopping for yourself or for your furry friends, you’ll find nothing but the best on CBD Choice.


  • Hemp seed oil
  • Bacon flavor
  • Vitamin E