Mary’s Tails | Hemp Extract Capsules (30 count)

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Mary’s Tails | Hemp Extract Capsules (30 count)


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For pets with picky palates, Mary’s Tails Hemp Extract Capsules may be the perfect solution for introducing CBD into your animal companion’s wellness routine. Each of these capsules delivers a 25mg dose of wellness-boosting CBD to help regulate your pet’s endocannabinoid system, a vital portion of the nervous system that regulates many essential biological functions. At that dosage, it’s most appropriate for dogs and larger animals, but cats with more acute symptoms will also benefit. These are a straightforward wellness tool, made exclusively with hemp seed oil and natural full spectrum CBD extract. It’s a gentle boost to overall health and wellness that will have your beloved animal feeling their best throughout the day. Dosage (serving size: 1 capsule)
  • 750mg total CBD, 30 servings, 25mg CBD per serving

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30 count


Mary’s Tails Hemp Extract Capsules

Humans aren’t the only ones who benefit from making CBD a regular part of their daily wellness regimen. All mammals have an endocannabinoid system, an essential part of the nervous system that regulates many vital functions. And that means that our feline friends and canine companions can also benefit from a little CBD boost.

The masters at Mary’s have developed their line of Mary’s Tails pet products to do just that. These Hemp Extract Capsules for pets deliver a healthy 25mg dose of full spectrum CBD extract that boosts your pets’ health and wellness, keeping them healthy and happy and living their best lives. Full spectrum extracts of this sort are renowned in the CBD world because they contain the full range of hemp’s therapeutic extracts, contribute to the entourage effect, and deliver all that CBD treatment has to offer.

To use, simply administer these capsules as you would any traditional pill or capsule based medication. Many animals take well to them with food, but some picky eaters may find them best when delivered in a pill pocket. Regardless, they’re easy to swallow, virtually flavorless, and one of the easiest ways to introduce CBD into your pet’s wellness routine.

Your pet’s health and happiness are paramount, so it’s important to know that the products you give them are safe, effective, and free from harmful contaminants. That’s exactly what you get when you shop at CBD Choice. Each of the products you’ll find here is backed by the CBD Choice Guarantee, meaning that they’re laboratory certified by America’s most reputable third-party labs. You’ll find nothing but the best here, and we have the Certificates of Analysis to prove it.

Give your beloved pets the same quality of CBD treatment you’d use yourself. Mary’s Tails brings world-class CBD solutions to all members of the household, no matter their species. If you’re looking to make CBD a part of your pet’s wellness regimen, these Hemp Extract Capsules for pets are a perfect option.


  • Hemp seed oil
  • Hemp extract (contains naturally occurring cannabidiol, CBD)