Lazarus Naturals | Wintermint High Potency CBD Isolate Tincture (15ml or 60ml)

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Lazarus Naturals | Wintermint High Potency CBD Isolate Tincture (15ml or 60ml)



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Let the soothing, gently wintery taste of authentic mint flavors envelop you as this CBD Isolate tincture goes to work. The taste maestros at Lazarus Naturals have done it again, bringing a potent and effective CBD tincture with a delightfully crisp and refreshing taste twist. Flavored only with authentic mint terpenes, this tincture brings an utterly authentic, richly complex taste profile that stands out from other mint tinctures on the market. Lazarus has carved out a niche by developing imaginative (and richly delicious) flavored tinctures, and this Wintermint offering is no exception. Treat yourself to a truly refreshing mint CBD experience — with no entourage effect and absolutely zero THC. This is a vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free tincture, meaning that users from virtually all walks of life can get in on the refreshment. So rise up, give Lazarus Naturals a try, and get back to living your best life. Dosage (serving size: 1ml)
  • 15ml volume: 750mg CBD total, 50mg per serving
  • 60ml volume: 3000mg CBD total, 50mg per serving

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750mg, 3000mg


15ml (750mg), 60ml (3000mg)


Lazarus Naturals Wintermint High Potency CBD Isolate Tincture

With a subtle, delicious burst of wintery mint, this CBD isolate tincture delivers an utterly satisfying flavor profile and a potent dose of CBD goodness. Lazarus Naturals are experts in crafting distinctive, memorable, and utterly delicious CBD oil flavors, and this take on traditional mint is an excellent example of that expertise. The flavor you’ll find here comes from a unique, carefully-tailored blend of authentic mint terpenes, and the result is a mint taste unlike anything you’ll find from other manufacturers.

Regardless of which size tincture you purchase, each milligram of this tasty tincture comes packed with a potent, 50mg dose of pure CBD isolate. At that potency, this is an oil that’s strong enough even for experienced users — but even new users will find that it’s easy to customize their dosage to treat their needs.

The CBD you’ll find in this tincture is a pure CBD isolate — meaning that it contains rich, high-quality CBD, but absolutely none of the other natural plant components found in hemp. As such, it delivers a potent, but straightforward, CBD treatment without an entourage effect. And of course, it contains absolutely zero THC, so users can rest easy knowing that this oil has absolutely no chance of causing a high or psychoactive impairment.

Lazarus Naturals sources all of their hemp from their own, privately owned and operated Lazarus Farms, which operate out of Oregon. Those farms are utterly committed not only to producing top-quality hemp, but also to doing it in an ethical and sustainable fashion. They use exacting growing and harvesting practices, and fertilize their crop with composted hemp from previous batches. With Lazarus Naturals, you’re contributing not only to your own wellness, but also to a green and sustainable future.

As always here at CBD Choice, you can be confident of the quality and purity of each product. Each batch of Lazarus Naturals’ tinctures is sent out for comprehensive laboratory testing done by independent, third party laboratories. This extra step and expense guarantees that Lazarus customers will get a pure and potent product, one that will act as advertised and that contains absolutely no traces of pesticides, heavy metals, or other harmful chemical contaminants.


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  • CBD isolate
  • Mint terpenes