Koi CBD | Mojito Mint Flavor CBD Aerosol Inhaler (200 inhalations)

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Koi CBD | Mojito Mint Flavor CBD Aerosol Inhaler (200 inhalations)


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A CBD twist on a classic, fan-favorite flavor, this mojito mint flavored CBD inhaler is a delightful treat But as delicious as the flavor is, the star of the show is the unparalleled convenience of this CBD innovation. It offers the convenience, portability, and fast-acting dosage of a CBD vape with the precise dosing and chargeless action of a medicated inhaler. The result is a truly impressive CBD dosing option that’s perfect for virtually any occasion. Compact, travel ready, and fast-acting, it delivers the precise dosage you need to control your symptoms at a moment’s notice, with no prep or cleanup of any kind. Koi’s Minto Mojito CBD Inhaler might just be your favorite new way to take CBD! Dosage (serving size: 1 inhalation)
  • 200 servings volume, 1000mg total CBD, 5mg CBD per serving

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Koi CBD Mojito Mint Flavor CBD Aerosol Inhaler

Tasty, distinctive, ultra-portable, and incomparably convenient, this Mint Mojito CBD Aerosol Inhaler is an absolute delight. Combining the best traits of a CBD vaporizer with the chargeless action and precise dosing of a medicated inhaler, it brings the best of both worlds and a rich, deliciously minty mojito flavor that makes your treatment a delight.

Mint mojito is a distinctive, delicious, and enjoyable flavor that’s enjoyed throughout the world. A careful blend of mint, lime, green tea, and natural sweeteners captures the taste near-perfectly, and delivers a flavor that pleasantly teases the taste buds and will have you looking forward to each puff on this tasty CBD inhaler.

Koi’s new aerosol inhalers deliver the portable convenience of a vaporizer with the precise dosing of a traditional inhaler. What’s more, they deliver your dose of CBD without the need for any heating elements, so they do not need to be charged and may be easier on the lungs than typical CBD vapes. Couple that with the delicious flavors that Koi have developed, and these CBD inhalers are a truly unusual and impressive offering.

The CBD you’ll find in this Mojito Mint Flavor Aerosol Inhaler is a potent broad spectrum hemp extract. That means that it delivers the full range of hemp’s naturally therapeutic cannabinoids, but with all traces of psychoactive THC carefully removed. For users looking for a full-bodied entourage effect but who want to avoid THC, extracts of this sort are the creme de la creme!

Combining a time-honored mojito mint flavor with the most convenient and fast-acting dosage of any CBD product, this mojito mint CBD aerosol inhaler is a true CBD gem. It delivers absolutely precise dosing, allowing you to take control of your regular CBD treatment in a way that no traditional vape can offer. And because it has such a delicious, distinctive flavor, it’ll have you looking forward to every dose throughout the day.


  • PurZorb® micellized broad spectrum cannabinoids
  • Dehydrated ethyl alcohol
  • Oleic acid
  • Green tea extract
  • Mint extract
  • Lime extract
  • Stevia extract
  • KOI CBD LLC proprietary blend
  • Pharmaceutical grade HFA 134a tetrafluoroethane propellant