Hemp Hound | Bacon Flavored CBD Oil For Dogs (30ml)

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Hemp Hound | Bacon Flavored CBD Oil For Dogs (30ml)


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Our pets mean everything to us, which is why we give them Hemp Hound. This Bacon Flavored CBD Oil is perfect for the pups in your life, allowing them to access all of the miraculous wellness-inducing benefits of natural CBD. This oil tincture contains 250mg of CBD in a 30ml tincture. Your furry friends will be able to experience the wonders of cannabidiol for weeks to come. All Hemp Hound products derive their CBD from natural hemp, farmed right here in the United States. This tincture will not induce any psychoactive side effects in your animals and is 100% safe, natural, and effective. Allow your pets a future free from the stressors, aches, and pains of their energetic lives — choose Hemp Hound to bring new light to your dog’s life. Dosage (serving size: 1ml)
  • 30ml volume, 250mg total CBD, 8.3mg CBD per serving

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Hemp Hound Bacon Flavored CBD Oil For Dogs

This Bacon Flavored CBD Oil For Dogs contains pure, natural hemp-derived cannabidiol, perfect for the pups in your life. This oil tincture offers 250mg of CBD in a 30ml volume, meaning your animals can experience weeks of CBD treatment with just one tincture.

But how much should you give your dogs?

Well, it depends on factors such as weight and body type. You should always follow package instructions when administering CBD to your pets as we only want what’s right for them and do not want to give them too much or too little. One serving (1ml) of this Hemp Hound CBD oil contains 8.3mg of CBD, so here’s a guide as to how many drops you should give your pets, depending on weight:

  • Small Dogs (up to 25 pounds): 1-2 drops per day
  • Medium Dogs (25 to 50 pounds): 2-4 drops per day
  • Large Dogs (over 50 pounds): 4-8 drops per day

And administering this Bacon Flavored CBD Oil couldn’t be easier. To supplement your pups with this CBD oil, simply administer the necessary number of drops orally. They’ll love the bacon taste, flavored entirely with natural ingredients.

However, as you may know, some of our dogs are finicky about taking oral supplements, no matter how delicious the flavor. That’s why this CBD oil for your pets can easily be added to your puppy’s food or water bowl. The meaty taste easily compliments most dog food and adds a delectable spice to their ordinary water supply.

Our dogs are able to experience the benefits of CBD because of something called the endocannabinoid system, otherwise known as the ECS. The ECS is the area of the brain where CBD interacts with nervous system receptors, also called endocannabinoid receptors. For years, scientists thought only humans possessed an ECS, but — as it turns out — all mammals possess an ECS. This means that our pups and other pets can easily absorb all of the wonderful benefits that this natural phytocannabinoid has to offer!

Our pets are very important to us. In fact, they’re family. That’s why we give them Hemp Hound CBD oils, perfect for the pet in your life. Hemp Hound has taken every precaution and jumped through every hoop on the route to crafting this CBD oil. It is 100% safe, effective, and wellness-improving in your pets. Take the next step in the future of your pet’s health with Hemp Hound today.


  • Natural hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD)
  • Natural bacon flavor
  • Hemp seed oil