Green Roads | Original Nectar CBD Terpenes (15ml)

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Green Roads | Original Nectar CBD Terpenes (15ml)


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Green Roads has captured the full experience of the sativa heavy Original Nectar strain of cannabis into this delightful terpene tincture. With terpenes from the Original Nectar strain of cannabis, this tasty CBD oil brings a sweet and lightly citrusy flavor to every CBD treatment. With 100mg of CBD per 15ml bottle, this terpene blend is perfect on its own for a light dose of CBD, but can also be used with your favorite higher-potency tincture to give it an authentic terpene kick. If you want to add an authentic Original Nectar kick to your CBD treatment, accept no substitutes: Green Roads does it right. Dosage (serving size: 1ml)
  • 100mg: 15ml volume, 6.7mg CBD per serving

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Green Roads Original Nectar CBD Terpenes

With Green Roads’ line of CBD Terpene tinctures, users can spice up their CBD treatment with some of the most famous and well-loved cannabis flavors and effects. This tincture is infused with the authentic flavor, scent, and cannabinoid profile of Original Nectar cannabis — so users can enjoy the unique entourage effect and flavor of this famous strain while enjoying a clear-headed CBD treatment.

This CBD-infused terpene tincture packs a distinct and flavorful punch. Green Roads has captured the distinctive flavor of Original Nectar, with its light and slightly sweet citrusy flavor, for your CBD enjoyment. Made with only authentic Original Nectar terpene extract, this tincture provides a rich cannabis experience that long-time users are sure to love.

This terpene tincture comes with a mild dose of 100mg CBD per 15ml bottle. This potency is ideal for new users who are looking to test CBD’s effects, or for experienced users looking to make subtle adjustments to their dosage. More often, though, users choose to use these tinctures as an additive for higher-potency oils — delivering a custom-tailored CBD experience with the distinctive flavors and effects of your favorite cannabis strain.

Green Roads holds their products to an exacting standard of excellence, and all of their products have been subject to extensive laboratory testing. Performed by reputable third-party labs, this testing verifies that the products are safe, potent, and free from harmful chemical contaminants.

Flavorful, effective, and utterly authentic, spice up your next CBD treatment with this Original Nectar Terpene blend!


  • Kosher-grade vegetable glycerin (VG)
  • Hemp seed oil
  • Proprietary terpene blend