Green Roads | Mint Breeze Drops (30ml)

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Green Roads | Mint Breeze Drops (30ml)



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An utterly refreshing blend of natural mint flavors makes each dose of this tincture a thoroughly refreshing experience. Like a crisp, cool wind gently blowing through your hair, this tincture brings a comforting chill that soothes the nerves and refreshes your senses. If you’re looking for a pleasantly mild mint twist to your CBD treatment, then you’ve definitely come to the right place. With 10mg, 25mg, or 50mg of broad spectrum CBD per ml of this Mint Breeze tincture, Green Roads has made it easy for users of virtually any treatment need to find the perfect dosage for their regular use. Whether looking to start your morning off right or bring a cool twist to your evening relaxation, Green Roads Mint Breeze Drops are a wonderful new tool for taking control of your health and wellness. Dosage (serving size: 1ml)
  • 300mg tincture: 30ml volume, 10mg CBD per serving
  • 750mg tincture: 30ml volume, 25mg CBD per serving
  • 1500mg tincture: 30ml volume, 50mg CBD per serving

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300mg, 750mg, 1500mg




Green Roads Mint Breeze Drops

When it comes to fast-acting results, easily customizable dosage, and ease-of-use, few CBD products have CBD tinctures beat. And when it comes to enjoying your tincture treatment, flavor is king. That’s what Green Roads’ Mint Breeze Drops are all about: adding a twist of refreshing, gentle mint taste that makes each drop a refreshing delight.

These Green Roads Mint Breeze Drops come in CBD potencies of 300mg, 750mg, or 1500mg per 30ml volume, meaning that they deliver 10mg, 25mg, or 50mg of CBD per full 1ml serving. At those dosages, the vast majority of users can find the proper treatment for their health and wellness needs, with virtually no muss, fuss, or preparation.

And because the CBD in this oil drop tincture is a broad spectrum extract, the news is even better. That’s because extracts of this sort contain the full range of hemp’s therapeutic cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds — but with all traces of the intoxicating cannabinoid, THC, removed. These compounds, taken together with CBD, contribute to a synergistic phenomenon known as the entourage effect; many long-time users swear by extracts of this sort, claiming that the entourage effect is the key to unlocking CBD’s full therapeutic potential.

Green Roads continues to demonstrate their commitment to upholding the highest safety and quality standards for each of their products, these Mint Breeze Drops included. Each batch is sent out for comprehensive laboratory testing that ensures the purity, potency, and safety of the product before it makes its way to you. These tests are carried out only by third-party laboratories, guaranteeing transparency and accuracy of labeling so that you can be confident you’re making the right choice for your needs.

If you want to add a refreshing twist to your regular CBD treatment, then Green Roads Mint Breeze Drops are an excellent option for you. Available in a wide variety of potency options and delivering a refreshingly cool and calming flavor, these are a CBD oil drop tincture of unimpeachable quality.


  • Hemp derived broad spectrum cannabinoid extract
  • Glycerin
  • MCT oil
  • Natural flavor
  • Sunflower lecithin
  • Helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil
  • Hemp seed oil