Green Roads | CBD Isolate Softgels (30 capsules)

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Green Roads | CBD Isolate Softgels (30 capsules)


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When you’re looking for CBD treatment at its most convenient, you can’t go wrong with CBD softgel capsules. And with Green Roads, one of the most respected manufacturers in the biz, you know you’re getting a truly top-quality CBD treatment. These easy-to-swallow softgels deliver a precisely-measured 25mg of CBD isolate on demand, with no prep, no cleanup, and nothing to get in the way of your world-class CBD treatment. These CBD Isolate Softgels are fast-acting, long-lasting, and perfectly formulated to give you the best CBD treatment available anywhere. They’re proof that Green Roads’ reputation for excellence is well-deserved, and a great way to make CBD a part of your regular wellness regimen. Dosage (serving size: 1 capsule)
  • 750mg CBD total, 30 servings, 25mg CBD per serving

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30 count


Green Roads CBD Isolate Softgels

These easy-to-swallow softgel capsules each deliver a potent dose of 25mg CBD isolate. This is an ideal dosage for most users to receive a long-lasting boost to their health and wellness, and is an excellent and easy way to get your daily treatment.

These softgel capsules are made with pure CBD isolate, meaning they’re completely free of THC and hemp’s other cannabinoids and terpenes. If you’re looking for a no-nonsense, straightforward CBD treatment, then you’ve come to the right place. These deliver a potent dose of CBD with nothing to distract from your wellness treatment.

Like all of the Green Roads products you’ll find at CBD Choice, know that these softgels are held to the very highest standards of excellence. Part of that means that each and every batch of Green Roads’ CBD Isolate Softgels undergoes comprehensive testing from third-party laboratories. These tests are performed by America’s leading laboratories, and they verify that the product you’ll receive is pure, potent, and free from any and all harmful chemical additives. We want only the best for our customers’ health and wellness, and that’s exactly what you’ll receive here.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one CBD treatment that’s discreet, easy-to-use, and long-lasting, then this is an ideal option for your needs. Green Roads has delivered another masterful CBD treatment option with their CBD Isolate Softgels, and more and more users are making them a regular part of their daily regimen. Try them today and see the Green Roads difference for yourself.


  • Hemp derived cannabinoid extract
  • Gelatin
  • Water
  • MCT oil (coconut derived)
  • Hemp seed oil