CBDfx | Rejuvediol CBD Face Serum (30ml)

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CBDfx | Rejuvediol CBD Face Serum (30ml)


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Your face matters, and CBDfx has carefully crafted this Rejuvediol CBD Face Serum to ensure that you can treat your face exactly how it was meant to be treated. This CBD-infused serum compliments every skincare routine by supplying you with rich, Full Spectrum cannabidiol and hand-selected essential oils and botanical extracts, each working to provide you with a unique quality of facial care. CBDfx wants to make sure that you are looking AND feeling your best, every single day. This CBD topical is not designed as a cleanser, but rather something to eliminate the blemishes and oils that cause facial abnormalities. Yet it goes further, working to diminish signs of aging, stimulate cellular turnover, shield against free radicals, and protecting your skin against future wrinkles as well as other anomalies. Turn towards a better, brighter future and give your skin the treatment it’s been longing for with CBDfx Rejuvediol CBD Face Serum. Dosage (serving size: apply as needed)
  • 30ml volume, 250mg total CBD, 8.3mg CBD per 1ml

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CBDfx Rejuvediol CBD Face Serum

CBDfx Rejuvediol CBD Face Serum is meant to optimize your daily skincare routine. It’s use cannot be equated to those of cleansers or toners as such comparisons do not give this Face Serum justice among skincare regimens. Instead, this CBDfx topical serves as a way to enliven and protect your face, something added to any skincare routine without taking the space of another.

Rejuvediol CBD Face Serum does this by combining an elegant array of all-natural ingredients with rich Full Spectrum CBD, rejuvenating the face by simultaneously ridding blemishes and restoring facial features back to their original beauty. It’s diverse pool of essential oils and botanical extracts work to moisturize the skin and protect against future abnormalities such as wrinkles, sagging, or pimples.

One look at the ingredients list alone tells you everything you need to know about the superiority of this CBD Face Serum: you will not find a single unnatural additive, a single filler, nor a single phthalate within this product. CBDfx strives for greatness in all of their CBD topicals, but this one stands supreme for its delicate blend of healthy ingredients, designed to optimize performance and maximize facial health.

CBDfx Rejuvediol CBD Face Serum brings newfound health to your face through its ability to diminish the signs of aging, reduce active wrinkles, stimulate cellular turnover, shield against free radicals, and even reduce inflammation or irrational on the skin. Additionally, CBD targets endocannabinoid receptors in the skin of your face to signal to the brain that your face needs additional support. This is the beauty of CBD topicals, which have been observed to stimulate skin health and can even go as far as soothing the skin and reduce anxiety in users.

To use this CBDfx Rejuvediol CBD Face Serum, simply wash your face with a light cleanser as normal and prepare the serum by applying 8 to 10 drops to your hands, rubbing your palms together to bring this topical close to body temperature. To administer, pat (NOT RUB) the serum evenly across your face and neck. Your future with a healthy face really can be this easy.

In addition, CBDfx uses only the highest quality of CBD, sourcing exclusively from organic hemp farms located in Kentucky, USA. And because of their commitment to quality hemp, you know you’re getting the best ingredients. CBDfx is committed to going organic whenever possible, and this CBD Face Serum is guaranteed free of any unhealthy additives, fillers, or phthalates. Only the best of the best when it comes to CBDfx Rejuvediol CBD Face Serum.


  • Full spectrum hemp oil
  • Orange essential oil
  • Vetiver essential oil
  • Lavender essential oil
  • Frankincense essential oil
  • Bergamot FCF essential oil
  • Rosella botanical extract
  • Vitamin E botanical extract
  • Chamomile botanical extract
  • Rosemary botanical extract
  • Rose absolutes
  • Jasmine absolutes
  • Argan oil
  • Jojoba oil
  • Rosehip oil
  • Tamanu oil
  • Marula oil
  • Grapeseed oil
  • Calendula oil
  • Carrot seed oil
  • Shea butter oil
  • Prickly pear oil
  • Sea buckthorn oil
  • Red raspberry seed oil