CBD Living | Natural Disposable Vape (0.5g)

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CBD Living | Natural Disposable Vape (0.5g)



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CBD Living’s Natural Disposable Vapes offer both a simple alternative to everyday CBD treatments and an advanced, technological formula of nano-hemp extract cannabidiol. This disposable vape pen’s earthy, tonal flavor offers you the chance to vape the flavors of organic hemp terpenes. Additionally, this products enzymatically resized CBD molecules increase both absorption speed and effectiveness within your body. And at 250mg of high-strength CBD in a 0.5g size, you should have enough cannabidiol to last you weeks ahead. This CBD Living Natural Disposable Vape is designed for everyday use and will never need to be refilled or recharged. It comes pre-filled and pre-charged for your convenience, so all you have to do is take it out of the box. It can be as easy as that to achieve successful CBD treatment. CBD Living Natural Disposable Vapes will change the way you perceive everyday CBD ingestion, guaranteed. Dosage (serving size: one inhalation)
  • 0.5g size, 250mg total CBD, about 2mg CBD per serving

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CBD Living Natural Disposable Vape

CBD Living has crafted a masterful, unflavored CBD-infused vape pen with this Natural Disposable Vape. This pen contains a potent 250mg of Full Spectrum cannabidiol. In a 0.5g size, that’s enough CBD to last you weeks to come.

In addition, Full Spectrum CBD extractions are known to contain a range of terpenes, phytocannabinoids, amino acids, and essential fatty acids, all naturally found in the cannabis plant. These supplements aid CBD in its quest to provide you with optimal benefits within your body.

Furthermore, CBD Living infuses this vape pen with more cannabinoids than just CBD. These include CBDC, CBG, and CBN. All of these cannabinoids have proven beneficial in your CBD experience and enhance the benefits even further.

And if that wasn’t enough, all CBD Living cannabidiol is crafted using Nano Hemp Extract CBD. This means that your CBD has been enzymatically resized for increased absorption and effectiveness within your body. CBD Living has truly thought of everything. Why? Because they care about what you put into your system, offering some of the most technologically advanced CBD vape gear on the market.

These Natural Disposable Vapes only contain flavors natural to cannabis terpenes. Be one with nature and the very plant that has brought you CBD treatment. Additionally, these terpenes are known to contribute to the increased benefits of cannabinoid ingestion.

CBD Living Natural Disposable Vapes contain no adverse chemicals, no residual solvents, and definitely no unhealthy flavor additives. They are triple lab tested to ensure potency, consistency, and purity. Most CBD companies only test once, but CBD Living goes above and beyond to offer you the safest and most effective CBD treatment possible.

Additionally, these disposable vape pens contain no propylene glycol (PG) and no vegetable glycerin (VG), the traditional ingredients found in vape e-liquids. Instead, you’ll be ingesting a mix of pure CBD extract, hemp terpenes, and organic fractionated coconut oil (MCT), shown to increase binding between CBD molecules and endocannabinoid receptors found within your body.

CBD Living has truly thought of everything, putting the utmost care and passion into these Natural Disposable Vapes. No other CBD-infused vape product on the market can boast both such a quality and potency.


  • Full spectrum nano hemp extract cannabidiol (CBD)
  • Organic fractionated coconut oil (MCT)
  • Natural plant terpenes
  • Other cannabinoids (CBDC, CBG, CBN)