CBD Living | Matcha Instant Green Tea (1.5oz)

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CBD Living | Matcha Instant Green Tea (1.5oz)


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For tea lovers on the go, this instant Matcha Green Tea offers a powerful boost to your mood and energy — and a fast-acting dose of CBD wellness. This blend couldn’t be any more straightforward: made with only 100% organic, stone ground matcha and CBD extract, this offers a no-nonsense green tea experience that long-time tea drinkers know and love. But CBD Living has done something special with this potent blend. Instead of traditional cannabidiol, they’ve infused this matcha blend with a unique, full spectrum nano CBD extract. That means that the CBD in this tea will affect you more quickly, and each milligram will act more efficiently, than would be possible in any traditional CBD products. Quick, convenient, flavorful, and efficient, this instant matcha green tea brings authentic flavor and fast-acting CBD treatment on demand. Dosage (serving size: 0.5-1  teaspoons)
  • 10 servings volume, 150mg total CBD, 15mg CBD per serving

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CBD Living Matcha Instant Green Tea

Matcha green tea allows you to enjoy a full and flavorful, rich green tea experience with the convenience of instant brewing. With this blend, you can enjoy a potent green tea and CBD infusion on demand, without sacrificing quality and taste.

Matcha is not only delicious, but good for you. Packing a potent burst of antioxidants, it helps to boost metabolism, calm the mind, and provide a calm and focused energy to get you through the day. Combined with CBD, it is a potent and convenient wellness tool that is gentle enough for everyday use.

And the type of CBD present in this tea is truly something special. CBD Living has developed a truly innovative form of cannabidiol: the full spectrum nano CBD extract. By shrinking the size of the CBD molecule through enzymatic processes, they’ve made cannabidiol more bioavailable. That means that your body will absorb it more quickly, use it more efficiently, and allow you to feel the full effects of your dosage more rapidly than with any traditional CBD product.

Unlike with most teas, this requires no strainer, infuser, tea bag, or other devices. To brew a cup, simply scoop between one half and one full teaspoon of tea powder, add it to a cup of hot or cold water, and stir or shake! If you like, feel free to add a bit of sweetener or other flavor, but many users find the blend palatable right out of the bottle! With tea, it doesn’t get any easier than this.

Flavorful, healthy, and incredibly convenient, this instant-brew Matcha CBD tea is a powerful tool for taking control of your daily routine. With its delightfully energizing effects, this is sure to become a staple of your CBD treatment regimen.


  • Organic stone ground matcha
  • Proprietary full spectrum nano hemp extract (aerial parts)