CBD Living | Mango Herbal Tea (2oz)

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CBD Living | Mango Herbal Tea (2oz)


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CBD Living keeps delivering hit after hit — and this CBD-infused Mango Herbal Tea is definitely a hit. A gentle and delicate blend of delicious fruit flavors, this loose leaf tea combines rich mango, sweet peach, and a floral bouquet. The result: a mouth-wateringly delicious fruit-and-flower tea experience that is sure to delight your taste buds. Better yet? This tea is infused with CBD Living’s utterly unique full spectrum nano cannabidiol extract — meaning that your CBD has increased absorption, so you’ll feel the full effect of your treatment much faster than with traditional CBD products. Delicious, soothing, potent and fast acting, this loose leaf tea blend deserves an honored place on your shelf. Dosage (serving size: 1.5 teaspoons)
  • 20 servings volume, 150mg total CBD, 7.5mg CBD per serving

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CBD Living Mango Herbal Tea

CBD Living presents, for your sipping enjoyment, this delightful blend of fruit and flower flavor. Made from all-natural organic ingredients, this loose leaf tea mixture is a tantalizing menage whose taste will leave you wanting more.

Each sip brings a burst of rich mango and sweet peach, with subtle floral undertones rounding out the experience. The result is a delightfully flavorful, light and sunny cup of tea. For those looking for a taste that reminds you of summer sunshine, this rich and complex blend is sure to please.

Even better, CBD Living has infused this tea with their proprietary full spectrum nano CBD. This is an exciting innovation in the cannabidiol world: by enzymatically resizing the CBD molecule, they’ve made CBD fully water soluble. More importantly, this process also makes the CBD more bioavailable, which translates to more efficient and fast-acting absorption into the body. With this blend, you’ll feel the full effect of your CBD much faster, and each mg of CBD will go farther.

Because this is loose leaf tea, you’ll likely want to use a tea infuser, a strainer, or other similar device to separate the leaf out of your tea post-steeping. To brew, simply scoop one and a half teaspoons of the tea leaf into your strainer or cup, and steep in 8 ounces of water. If you’re brewing with hot water, 1 to 3 minutes should do it; if you’re brewing in cold, be sure to let it sit for at least 30 minutes.

CBD Living’s Mango Herbal Tea is a uniquely flavorful way of enjoying your daily CBD dosage. Try it today and see why it’s become a delightful staple of our tea-time.

Full Spectrum nano hemp extract cannabidiol. This means that your CBD has been enzymatically resized for increased absorption and hard-hitting effectiveness


  • Organic honeybush
  • Organic calendula petal
  • Organic dried peach
  • Organic mango extract
  • Proprietary full spectrum nano hemp extract (aerial parts)