CBD Living | Coconut Lime Bath Bomb (1 count)

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CBD Living | Coconut Lime Bath Bomb (1 count)


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Tropical meets effective in a glorious bath time infusion. The Coconut Lime Bath Bomb, brought to you by CBD Living, combines natural ingredients and fragrances with 100mg of nano-CBD for a powerful, relaxing CBD treatment. But what is nano-CBD? These are CBD molecules that have been enzymatically resized for optimum absorption and bioavailability, increasing the efficacy of your therapeutic treatment. These Coconut Lime Bath Bombs also contain natural ingredients that possess known topical benefits, allowing you to truly revel in the comforting embrace of your warm, CBD-infused bathwater. Never before has a CBD treatment felt quite like this, and the aromatherapeutic fragrances of natural coconut and lime will have you daydreaming of a beach escape, buried away in the scents of the warm tropics. CBD Living offers this escape to you, right from the comfort of your own home. Dosage (serving size: 1 bath bomb)
  • 8oz size, 100mg total CBD

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1 count


CBD Living Coconut Lime Bath Bomb

CBD Living’s Coconut Lime Bath Bomb contains 100mg of nano-CBD, the perfect daily dose. Unlike other CBD molecules, nano-CBD derives from cannabinoids that have been enzymatically resized using nanoemulsion technologies. This creates a form of CBD that is both water soluble and carries increased absorption into your system, increasing the overall effectiveness of your CBD treatment.

And like other CBD topicals, these CBD-infused bath bombs target cannabinoid receptors found in the dermal layers of your skin, all over the body. However, by soaking in a delightful CBD-infused bath, you are able to offer optimum external relief to all areas of the body, allocating your CBD treatment to reach its maximum potential.

Furthermore, these Coconut Lime Bath Bombs utilize Broad Spectrum CBD, meaning CBD Living sources their cannabinoids from whole-plant extractions of the hemp plant. Extractions of this nature contain all of the powerful phytocannabinoids, terpenes, amino acids, and essential fatty acids that are organically produced within the hemp plant. However, all the THC has been completely removed after extraction, making these bath bombs 100% THC-free! You’ll never have to worry about intoxicating or unwanted side effects, and that’s a CBD Living guarantee.

Plus, these CBD Living bath bombs contain only the finest natural ingredients. These Coconut Lime Bath Bombs were crafted with a base of shea butter, a known anti-inflammatory compound that has the potential to restore the skin’s natural elasticity. Coconut and lime, sourced naturally, were infused to create a potent aromatherapeutic effect, bringing your senses to a faraway, tropical dreamscape. Additionally, these ingredients are known to carry skin-rejuvenating properties of their own, heightening your topical CBD treatment.

Other bath bombs just don’t compare, the CBD Living Coconut Lime Bath Bomb able to offer you the unique benefits of CBD while also providing natural tropical fragrance. These bath bombs contain no harsh chemicals or unnatural fragrances, so you’ll only receive an effective CBD treatment. Look at your bath time ritual in a new light, made possible by CBD Living.


  • Broad spectrum nano-cannabidiol (CBD)
  • Sodium bicarbonate
  • Citric acid
  • Shea butter
  • Natural coconut
  • Natural lime
  • Natural dye