CBD Living | Calming Cherry CBD Lozenges (4 – 12 count)

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CBD Living | Calming Cherry CBD Lozenges (4 – 12 count)



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Treat yourself to a delightfully flavorful, throat-soothing CBD experience with these cherry flavored CBD lozenges. Discreet, portable, and delicious, these are the perfect way to get your CBD dose on the go — and to enjoy the experience! Whether you use them to coat your throat and suppress a cough or simply as a long-lasting tasty treat, these are a sweet and soothing way to get your daily dose. Each lozenge is packed with 25mg of CBD Living’s unique Nano-CBD full spectrum extract, so the effects will hit you fast and you’ll feel the full effects quickly after use. And at this dosage, a single lozenge will have you enjoying your treatment for hours to come. With 4 lozenges per package, these are perfect for sharing with friends, testing out CBD’s effects, or simply indulging your sweet tooth. Dosage (serving size: 1 lozenge)
  • 4 count package: 100mg total, 25mg CBD per serving
  • 12 count package: 300mg total, 25mg CBD per serving

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100mg (4 count), 300mg (12 count)


4 count, 12 count


CBD Living Calming Cherry CBD Lozenges

Deliciously sweet, potent, and with a soothing and cough suppressing effect, these sweets are a treat. Whether for everyday use or when you’re feeling under the weather, these are the perfect way of getting your daily dose of CBD and enjoying the experience.

With 25mg of CBD in each lozenge, a single treat will keep you going for hours to come. More importantly, the CBD in these lozenges is something genuinely special: a full spectrum Nano-CBD extract. CBD Living has shrunk the size of its CBD molecules through a series of chemical processes. By doing so, they increased the molecule’s bioavailability. That means that your body can more easily absorb the CBD, you’ll feel the effects faster, and every milligram of CBD will be more impactful.

And because it’s a full spectrum extract these treats are packed with all the terpenes, flavonoids, and active cannabinoids from the hemp plant. Taken with CBD, these compounds work together to create the entourage effect, which many users believe increases CBD’s effectiveness.

Fast acting, delicious, and highly portable, these lozenges are perfect for dosing on the go. Slip one in your pocket for midway through the day. With their discreet individual packaging, they’re perfect for use at work, at the gym, or wherever the need may strike you.

Treat yourself to a uniquely satisfying CBD experience with these CBD Living Cherry Lozenges. Your throat and taste buds will be glad you did.


  • Proprietary full spectrum hemp extract (aerial parts) CBD
  • Isomalt
  • Polyglycitol syrup
  • Malic acid
  • Natural and artificial flavors
  • Sweet One (sugar substitute)
  • Natural coloring