CBD Living | CBD Suppository (10 count)

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CBD Living | CBD Suppository (10 count)


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CBD Living Suppositories allow for the maximum possible absorption into the bloodstream when compared against other CBD products. These highly effective CBD products allow you to bypass stereotypical cannabidiol ingestion methods and instead receive a streamlined, error-free dosage. Plus, with CBD Living’s nano-CBD technology, you’ll be absorbing cannabidiol that has been enzymatically resized. This means that you’ll be accessing optimal absorption, bioavailability, and effectiveness. Nowhere else on the market will you find CBD productivity like this. These CBD Suppositories are great for those among us who find other ingestion methods troubling or need something with a more potent absorption. Suppositories are designed for both rectal and vaginal use and will offer you a powerful CBD treatment. Each CBD Living suppository contains only 2 ingredients: 50mg of nano-CBD and a PCCA MBK fatty acid base, a silky fatty acid with one of the lowest irritation profiles on the market. Effective and easy to use: that’s the CBD Living Suppository promise. Dosage (serving size: 1 suppository)
  • 10 servings per package, 500mg total CBD, 50mg CBD per serving

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10 count


CBD Living CBD Suppositories

CBD Living CBD Suppositories contain only two powerful ingredients: a fatty acid base of PCCA MBK and CBD Living’s industry-leading proprietary blend of Full Spectrum nano hemp extract cannabidiol.

PCCA MBK is a stable fatty acid that is rich and silky to the touch. It possesses a very low irritation profile and melts at body temperature, making it one of the best suppository bases on the market. Additionally, it adheres to emulsifying properties, offering further therapeutic benefits upon insertion.

CBD Living’s proprietary blend of Full Spectrum nano hemp extract CBD is one of the most interesting CBD ingredients found anywhere. Nano-CBD has been enzymatically resized to increase both absorption and effectiveness within your body. And in addition, CBD Living’s Full Spectrum formula takes from whole-plant and aerial parts extracts of the cannabis plant. This means that you’ll be harnessing the power of terpenes, amino acids, phytocannabinoids, and essential fatty acids, all found naturally in cannabis flora.

These CBD Suppositories give you a natural alternative for needed CBD relief. Harnessing the potency of CBD Living’s technologically advanced CBD development methods, you’ll be experiencing relief unlike any other. Suppositories offer peak absorption within the body, and combined with the emulsifying effects of PCCA MBK and the wonderful benefits of CBD, you’ll find a new way to think about everyday relief.


  • PCCA MBK fatty acid base
  • Proprietary blend full spectrum nano hemp extract cannabidiol (CBD)