CBD Living | Broad Spectrum Tincture (60ml)

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CBD Living | Broad Spectrum Tincture (60ml)



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CBD Living’s Broad Spectrum tinctures offer a potent, THC-free CBD treatment experience. With an impressive 4500mg of CBD in each 60ml bottle, this is a truly powerful CBD oil appropriate for treating even the most acute needs. Moreover, the CBD in this tincture is truly special: CBD Living’s unique Nano-CBD, which is specially treated to reduce its size and increase its bioavailability. That means that each milligram of CBD will be more effective, and the full effects of your regular CBD dosage will hit you more quickly than with other traditional CBD oil tinctures. As a broad spectrum tincture, it also packs the full entourage effect benefits, further heightening the quality of your treatment. And with 60ml of CBD oil in each bottle, this is a product that will last you for weeks — or even months — to come. Dosage (serving size: 1ml)
  • 60ml volume, 4500mg total CBD, 75mg CBD per serving

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CBD Living Broad Spectrum Tincture

This CBD Living tincture packs a truly impressive 4500mg of broad spectrum CBD into each 60ml package. With that potency, a single 1ml serving will provide a 75mg dosage of CBD — enough for even the most veteran users to feel a potent effect.

But the potency isn’t the only star of this show. This powerful tincture is fueled by a truly special type of CBD: broad spectrum Nano-CBD extract, CBD Living’s specialty. Through a series of enzymatic treatments, CBD Living has actually shrunk the size of the CBD molecule, thereby increasing its bioavailability, effectiveness, and speed of absorption. That means that you’ll feel the full effects of your CBD treatment more quickly, and each of those 4500mg will be more effective than in comparable traditional oils.

As a broad spectrum oil, this tincture is a full plant extract that contains all the cannabinoids and terpenes found in hemp — but absolutely no THC. Working together with CBD, these extra compounds synergize to create the entourage effect — a pleasant bodily sensation that many users believe increases CBD’s effectiveness.

To use this oil, simply measure out your intended dose using the included dropper attachment. Then place the liquid under your tongue, holding it there for 10-30 seconds before swallowing it. This sublingual dosing method further increases the speed of your treatment by allowing much of the CBD to be absorbed by the capillaries under your tongue.

Alternatively, feel free to add this oil to your favorite food or beverage. As an unflavored oil, it won’t make a significant difference to the taste of your meal — though it does possess a mild, earthy hemp taste. Particularly when added to rich beverages like coffee, this provides a truly pleasant and effortless dosing experience.


  • Proprietary broad spectrum nano hemp extract cannabidiol (CBD)
  • Fractionated coconut oil (MCT)