CBD Living | Berry Black Tea (1.6oz)

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CBD Living | Berry Black Tea (1.6oz)


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Rich and potent, this CBD-infused loose leaf tea is sure to please those looking for a complex and heady cuppa. Brewed with authentic assam black tea and organic black currant and blackberry extract, this flavorful blend will give you something to ponder with every delicious sip. Uplifting and energizing, this tea will give you the focused energy to get through what’s coming. And because it’s infused with a healthy dose of CBD, it will allow you to do so while feeling your best self. Moreover, because the cannabidiol is a unique, full extract nano extraction, you’ll feel the full effects of your treatment more quickly and fully than with any traditional CBD product! The unique combination of flavors, combined with the innovative nano CBD infusion, make this a delightfully unusual sipping experience — a tea you’ll look forward to returning to. Dosage (serving size: 1.5 teaspoons)
  • 20 servings volume, 150mg total CBD, 7.5mg CBD per serving

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CBD Living Berry Black Tea

Rich. Uplifting. Delicious. The complex blend of fruit and black tea tastes in this loose leaf menage are an absolute delight for those seeking a flavorful twist on an old favorite. Made with hand-picked, all-natural and organic ingredients, this full-bodied and full-flavored blend is sure to please.

Genuine Assam black tea provides the powerfully flavorful base of this potent tea. Rounding it out are the unmistakable fruit tastes of black currant and blackberry, which add a subtly sweet note that you’ll ponder with every sip.

In addition to brewing up imaginative flavors, CBD Living has also innovated with the cannabidiol in this tea. They’ve used something truly special: a full spectrum nano CBD extract. That means that CBD Living has shrunk the size of the CBD molecules through a series of enzymatic processes. The result is a cannabidiol compound with significantly higher bioavailability — meaning that each milligram of CBD will be absorbed more efficiently, and you’ll feel the full effects of your treatment more quickly than with traditional CBD.

Because this is a loose leaf tea, we strongly recommend that you use a tea infuser, strainer, or the like. That way, you’ll be able to separate the leaf from the tea once you’re done brewing. To make the tea, simply scoop out about 1.5 teaspoons of loose leaf, then add it to 8 ounces of water. Either hot or cold will do, but you’ll need to leave it steeping for different times, depending. If brewing hot, 1 to 3 minutes should do; if cold, leave it for at least 30 minutes. Strain and enjoy!

For those looking for a flavorful, black tea experience, this fruit-infused blend is pure pleasure. Combined with CBD Living’s potent nano CBD extract, this is a truly one-of-a-kind sipping experience worth savoring!


  • Organic Assam black tea
  • Organic dried black currants
  • Organic blackberry extract
  • Proprietary full spectrum nano hemp extract (aerial parts)