Bluebird Botanicals | Hemp Oil Sample Pack (3 pack)

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Bluebird Botanicals | Hemp Oil Sample Pack (3 pack)


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Are you ever unsure which CBD oil you wish to purchase? Don’t worry, this is entirely normal, especially given the overload of CBD oil tinctures on the market, each boasting unique flavors, additions, or infusions. And now Bluebird Botanicals has a solution for you: the Hemp Oil Sample Pack. Try Bluebird Botanicals amazing line of CBD oil tinctures, all in one. With the Hemp Oil Sample Pack, you’ll receive three 10ml tinctures: one Hemp Classic CBD Oil, one Hemp Complete CBD Oil, and one Hemp Signature CBD Oil, giving you a chance to try each of Bluebird Botanicals award-winning tinctures. Each offer unique properties but have one thing in common: high-quality, unadulterated cannabidiol. For a grand total of 30ml and 750mg of CBD, you’ll have enough to satisfy all your needs for weeks to come while also finding your favorite Bluebird Botanicals oil. What’s not to love? Dosage (serving size: 1ml)
  • 3 bottles per package, 30ml total volume, 750mg total CBD, 25mg CBD per serving

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Bluebird Botanicals Hemp Oil Sample Pack

For those among us who have trouble picking just one thing out, Bluebird Botanicals provides you with an answer: don’t just get one CBD oil — sample their entire line! With the Bluebird Botanicals Hemp Oil Sample Pack, you’ll receive all three of their impeccable CBD oil tinctures: the Hemp Classic, the Hemp Complete, and the Hemp Signature.

Each sample-sized tincture stands at 10ml in volume, 250mg in strength. That’s 750mg of high-quality cannabidiol with 30ml total to boast, enough to last you all month long. Each provides you with unique differentiations, allowing you to decide for yourself which Bluebird Botanicals oil best fits your preferences and needs.

Here’s what makes each one of these oils so special:

  • The Hemp Classic CBD Oil brings you the basics with polished quality, containing just two ingredients: organic virgin hemp seed oil and hemp extract
  • The Hemp Complete CBD Oil utilizes a base of organic extra virgin olive oil, a rarity throughout all the CBD industry, while also action-packing added hemp terpenes
  • The Hemp Signature CBD Oil marks Bluebird Botanicals’ commitment to natural, medicinal treatment, containing organic black cumin seed extract and frankincense for added benefits

Get the Hemp Oil Sample Pack now and try all three of these powerful tincture. These unflavored oils contain only natural ingredients and are crafted using 100% USA-grown hemp. Furthermore, the unadulterated flavors of hemp will leave you breathless, and the versatility of CBD oil tinctures allows you to add them to your favorite foods and drinks, complementing any earthy or bold flavors.

People have probably told you to stop being so picky at some point in your life. We, on the other hand, encourage your captious nature. Go ahead and be picky! Why try one when you can try all three?

Bluebird Hemp Sample Ingredients

  • Hemp Classic: organic virgin hemp seed oil, hemp extract (aerial parts)
  • Hemp Complete: organic extra virgin olive oil, hemp extract, steam-distilled hemp terpenes
  • Hemp Signature: organic virgin hemp seed oil, hemp extract, organic black cumin seed extract, frankincense extract