Bluebird Botanicals | Hemp Complete CBD Oil (10-60ml)

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Bluebird Botanicals | Hemp Complete CBD Oil (10-60ml)



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Treat your body to a CBD experience infused with some of the best that nature has to offer, designed specifically to enhance the entourage effect. This rich oil tincture is made with antioxidant-rich olive oil, and is enriched with a blend of soothing hemp terpenes designed to deliver a full-bodied wellness experience. This tincture has a mild 250mg CBD in every ounce of oil. At that potency, this oil is perfect for users with only moderate needs or for those looking to adjust their dosage throughout the day. How do you improve on nature? Apparently, by adding a bit MORE nature. This tincture has all the natural healing power of hemp — and more of it, to boot. Dosage (serving size: 0.5ml)
  • 10ml volume: 83.3mg CBD total, 4.2mg per serving
  • 30ml volume: 250mg CBD total, 4.2mg per serving
  • 60ml volume: 500mg CBD total, 4.2mg per serving

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83.3mg (10ml), 250mg (30ml), 500mg (60ml)


10ml, 30ml, 60ml


Bluebird Botanicals Hemp Complete CBD Oil

Lovers of the entourage effect, rejoice! Bluebird Botanicals delivers this unique oil tincture for your dosing pleasure. They’ve added a potent burst of natural hemp terpenes to round out this oil’s treatment potential — that’s on top of the terpenes already present in their full spectrum CBD extract! A double dose of entourage effect inducing terpenes to enhance your CBD treatment.

The oil base for this tincture is an organic, extra virgin olive oil. This base gives the oil a rich, clear taste that many users find quite delicious. Although it still possesses the rich and earthy taste found in most CBD oils, it is a smoother and more mild option perfect for those who find hemp oil unappealing.

This tincture contains full spectrum CBD extract — meaning it already contains all of the natural cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds that are present in hemp. Taken together with CBD, these compounds create what’s known as the “entourage effect”, a full body sensation that many users believe enhances CBD’s effectiveness.

But Bluebird Botanicals has taken the entourage effect even further. By adding in an additional dose of natural hemp terpenes, they’ve enhanced the power of the entourage effect you’ll receive with every treatment. If you are one of the many users who swear by full spectrum extracts, then look no further. This has everything that hemp has to offer, in even higher measure.

Rich, delicious, and packed to the brim with all of hemp’s natural compounds, this is a truly unique oil that’s not to be missed. For lovers of the entourage effect, there’s never been a better opportunity to enjoy all the best that hemp and CBD have to offer.


  • Organic extra virgin olive oil
  • Hemp extract (50:50 raw:decarboxylated, cannabis sativa aerial parts)
  • Steam-distilled hemp terpenes