Bluebird Botanicals | Concentrated CBD Capsules (30 or 60 count)

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Bluebird Botanicals | Concentrated CBD Capsules (30 or 60 count)



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Bluebird Botanicals’ Concentrated CBD Capsules pack a moderate, 15mg dose of CBD into each easy-to-swallow soft gel. Made with organic virgin hemp seed oil and full spectrum hemp extract, these are a convenient and easy way to treat your moderate symptoms wherever the need may strike. And because they contain the full range of terpenes and cannabinoids from hemp, they’ll contribute to the entourage effect. With no measurement, prep, or cleanup to worry about, you can enjoy a truly hassle-free hemp experience. Simply take a capsule as needed throughout the day and go about your business feeling your best self. Dosage (serving size: 1 soft gel)
  • 30 count: 450mg CBD total, 15mg CBD per serving
  • 60 count: 900mg CBD total, 15mg CBD per serving

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450mg (30 count), 900mg (60 count)


30 count, 60 count


Bluebird Botanicals Concentrated CBD Capsules

With 15mg of full spectrum CBD per capsule, Bluebird Botanicals’ Concentrated CBD Capsules are a perfect middle-ground. For users looking to treat mild symptoms or to supplement their other treatment with a moderate dose, these CBD capsules are absolutely ideal.

Each capsule is precisely pre-measured to deliver predictable, consistent dosage on demand. With no preparation, measurement, or cleanup required, they make it incredibly easy to get exactly the CBD treatment you want, exactly when you want it. They are easy to swallow, flavorless, and discreet, making treatment at home, at the office, or wherever you please easier than before.

Because they contain full spectrum CBD extract, these capsules will contribute to the entourage effect. This occurs when CBD is taken alongside the other cannabinoids, terpenes, and other natural compounds that are found in hemp. These synergize to create a unique, full bodied and enjoyable experience that many users believe enhances CBD’s therapeutic effects.

Straightforward, pure, and packing a mildly potent punch, these CBD capsules are perfect for treating moderate needs. If you’re looking for an effective supplement to your existing CBD treatment, to test the effects of CBD in your system, or for a no-fuss way of getting your daily dose, then Bluebird is an excellent option.


  • Organic virgin hemp seed oil
  • Hemp extract (aerial parts)
  • Bovine gelatin
  • Glycerin
  • Purified water