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For many vaping connoisseurs who care about the quality of their vaping experience, CBD E-Liquids are the only acceptable option. This, largely, is because of the importance of the vaping rig for the overall experience.

Many users are careful to use carefully selected equipment, from batteries to drip tips, to reservoirs, to hand-rolled sub-ohm coils. For users such as these, no standardized device comes close to the experience offered by their custom rig.

Other users enjoy the convenience and availability of refillable vaporizer devices. Widely available and affordable, these devices offer a middle-ground between disposable and enthusiast-level equipment that many find enjoyable and cost-effective.

Regardless of which camp you fall into, these CBD vape juices will work on your preferred rig, allowing you quick and convenient CBD relief in whatever form you enjoy best.


CBD vape products allows for near-instantaneous absorption of CBD, allowing you to feel the effects mere moments after use. Other methods take longer to absorb the CBD, delaying onset for anywhere from minutes to nearly an hour. 

CBD vape products offer an unmatched onset speed for treating a variety of ailments and conditions. For users with acute pain, panic attacks, or other immediate needs, this rapid onset can be of vital importance.


Convenient, fast-acting, and available in a startling variety of flavors, there’s a CBD E-liquid to appeal to every vaper’s preferences.

As always, though, it’s important that you be fully informed about your CBD products and usage. We’ve assembled some of the most commonly asked questions about CBD E-liquid for you to peruse. Let us know if something else is on your mind, though, and we’d be happy to help fill you in!


CBD E-liquid is chemically similar to any other e-liquid on the market. The key difference is that it contains CBD as an active ingredient, rather than nicotine or THC.

While the exact ingredients of these products will vary by brand and flavor, there are some common similarities. In addition to high-potency CBD extract, these often contain terpenes (natural flavor and smell extracts taken from hemp and other plants), other cannabinoids, and some mixture of Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol (often referred to as VG and PG, respectively).

VG and PG may not be terms that you are familiar with. These substances are commonly used as binding agents for all types of E-liquid, and the FDA consider both to be safe for ingestion.

Like all of the products hosted on CBD Choice, we are careful to hand-select only the highest quality, laboratory-tested products. Each and every one of our CBD E-liquids is made quality ingredients and is guaranteed to deliver a potent and effective dose of CBD, with no toxic additives.

CBD E-liquids/vape juices come in an astonishing variety of natural and artificial flavors. While some prefer the earthy taste of hemp terpenes, other users prefer sweet dessert, rich nutty, savory and spicy, crisp and fruity, or cold and minty flavors. For all of these taste preferences and more, there is a CBD E-liquid to appeal to every palate.

This is an important question that is becoming all the more vital with the recent news about vaping-related illnesses throughout the world. While the health implications of vaping are still not fully understood, there are some meaningful insights we can draw from the recent news.

CBD Choice vape products do not contain any Vitamin E or Vitamin E substitutes. This is vitally important, as most if not all of the recent vape-related illnesses involved the use of illegal, black-market products that contained Vitamin E. Vitamin E is not safe for use in vaping, because it coats and solidifies against the lungs after inhalation.

We are careful to select our products only from upstanding, legal vendors who provide full transparency throughout the manufacture process. All of our products are laboratory tested to ensure purity and accuracy of ingredients, and we stand by our offerings. However, your health and safety are vitally important, and you should be careful to fully research all vape related products before purchase or use.


When used with a vaporizer device, CBD E-liquid is atomized, inhaled, and rapidly absorbed by the lungs. According to most research, inhalation in this way is the single fastest-acting delivery mechanism for CBD, delivering near-instantaneous relief.

Because of this rapid delivery, CBD Vape products are often ideal for those suffering from acute pain and who need instant relief. Because vaporizers are also easy and convenient to use in a wide variety of settings, they are also extremely attractive to users looking to take small, regular doses.

CBD E-liquid, unlike other pre-packaged and ready-for-use vaporizer products, does require a bit of preparation and specialized equipment. Because of this, users should be familiar with the basics of vaping, and should generally be comfortable with the equipment they intend to use. Finally, it is worth noting that vape juice, unlike other vaping products, does have some possibility of spillage if mishandled. But for experienced vapers, E-liquid provides unparalleled customization and control of the experience.

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