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CBD vape oil cartridges offer one of the fastest-acting CBD experiences of any product on our site. Vaping allows for almost instantaneous inhalation and absorption of the CBD compound, allowing you to feel the full range of effects within moments. Compared to other products (such as edibles, which may take upwards of a half hour to kick in) vaporizers offer potent and fast acting relief that may be key to users suffering from acute pain or anxiety.

Moreover, vaping offers extremely high bioavailability — meaning that the body is able to absorb and use almost all of the CBD in your dosage treatment. Because of the high reliability and fast-acting properties of vapable CBD, it is an ideal method for potent, fast-acting relief that your body can use most fully.


Because all of CBD Choice’s vapable products are made with high-quality CBD hemp oil and tested to contain only the smallest traces (if any) of THC, they are guaranteed to be powerful and potent but will not cause you to experience a head-clouding THC high.

Whether based on CBD isolate, full spectrum, or broad spectrum oil, the products available on CBD Choice are all carefully cultivated, treated, and processed to remove virtually all of cannabis’s psychoactive components. So whether you’re looking for the wellness benefits of pure CBD isolate or want to experience broad and full spectrum’s entourage effect, rest easy knowing that you will experience a clear-headed, soothing, and enjoyable CBD experience


Whether you’re brand new to CBD carts or are a tried and true vaping veteran, odds are you’ve got some questions about exactly how these CBD vape oil cartridges can benefit you.

We’ve put together the most common questions we hear from our clients, and we hope you’ll find what you need here to get up to speed. If not, though, please reach out and let us know; we’re always happy to help!

The exact blend of ingredients in a CBD cartridge will vary widely from product to product, but there are some similarities. They contain a mix of CBD, flavoring ingredients such as terpenes and other proprietary blends, along with a mixture of binding agents (usually a balance of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin — both of which are regarded as safe for ingestion by the FDA).

It’s important to note that CBD Choice vape products do not contain any Vitamin E or synthetic Vitamin E substitutes. This is incredibly important, as most if not all of the recent vaping-related health problems have been linked to black-market carts with a Vitamin E filler.

At CBD Choice we are dedicated to stocking only quality products with carefully tested ingredients, including our CBD vape oil cartridges. It’s important to us that you know exactly what is in the products you use, so please be sure to check out our in-depth product descriptions, and reach out if there’s anything else you’d like to know!

This section of our site is dedicated exclusively to 510 cartridges — meaning that they are compatible with the vast majority of vaporizer batteries and kits. The distinctive “screw-in” form is easily recognizable, so if you recognize the look of the device’s screw-in port, odds are you’ve got a 510-compatible device.

However, it is also important to consider the voltage and power of your battery. Most pen-type batteries will work perfectly with carts such as these, but higher-power batteries (like those designed for sub-ohm atomizers) may be too powerful and could burn-out the coil of these cartridges.

The packaging of most cartridges will feature a recommended voltage, so be sure to check and see whether your battery is too powerful for the cart. If you have a variable-voltage battery (which is a great idea if you regularly switch between different types of vapables), then be sure to check your voltage before starting on a new cart!

This is an extremely important question — even more so given the recent news about vaping-related illnesses throughout the world. While the health implications of vaping are still not fully understood, there are some useful things that we can extract from the current knowledge.

CBD Choice vape products, including these CBD cartridges do not contain any Vitamin E or Vitamin E substitutes. This is one of the most important considerations when shopping for vape products, as most if not all of the recent vape-related illnesses involved the use of illegal, black-market products that contained Vitamin E. Vitamin E is not safe for use in vaping, because it coats and solidifies against the lungs after inhalation.

We are careful to select our products only from upstanding, legal vendors who provide full transparency throughout the manufacturing process. All of our products are laboratory tested to ensure purity and accuracy of ingredients, and we stand by our offerings. However, your health and safety are vitally important, and you should be careful to fully research all vape related products before purchase or use.

We’re glad you asked! In fact, we prepared a blog on just this topic — although it focuses mainly on CBD oils, the same rules hold true for CBD vape cartridges.

They are widely available, both in brick-and-mortar stores and online. If you’re interested in a traditional storefront, you can often find these carts in head shops, smoke shops, dispensaries or — more and more frequently these days — boutiques dedicated to health and wellness products. As with any brick-and-mortar store, though, you should expect to pay a premium due to the stores’ overhead costs.

We generally recommend shopping online — and, in fact, this very page of our website offers a number of top-quality vaporizer cartridges, hand picked for potency, affordability, and quality and purity of ingredients! Take a look at our inventory, and we’re sure you’ll find something to appeal to your treatment needs. If not, we hope you’ll reach out and let us know so that we can better help people like you in the future!

Yes, CBD cartridges should ideally be stored upright, but the specifics will depend on the particular cart you’re using. Some sources will tell you to always store it upright with the threads pointed down and the mouthpiece up; others, confusingly, with the mouthpiece down and the threads up. In reality, proper storage comes down to how the particular device “wicks” — that is, where in the cartridge the cotton or other oil-absorbing mechanism is located.

In general, you want to store your cartridge so that the oil will always be coating the wick. The reason for this is to keep your coil (the filament that heats up and vaporizes the oil or E-liquid) exposed to the CBD liquid. If the wick around the coil dries out, it can lead to the dreaded and foul-tasting “dry hit”, to a burned wick, or even to a fried coil.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for cartridge storage, but this rule of thumb will help you preserve your cartridges for longer, maintain their flavor and effectiveness for as long as possible.

The lifespan of your disposable CBD vape oil cartridges will depend on the amount of e-liquid in the cartridge, its potency, and your frequency of use.

Obviously, the more oil or e-liquid in your cartridge, the longer it will last.

Less obviously, high-potency carts tend to last much longer. This is because users seeking pain or anxiety relief can experience the same benefits with a smaller dose, which leads to less-frequent use of the cart, reduced strain on the coil and battery, and an overall prolonged experience.

Lower-potency carts do have their upside, though: because each hit delivers a smaller amount of CBD, these allow users to carefully control the amount of CBD they ingest, and to make micro-adjustments as needed throughout their day.

In general, however, the average user should expect for a single disposable CBD cartridge to last for a substantial time. Most of our users report that carts last them several weeks of casual to moderate use, with many able to use a cart for over a month before needing a replacement. For heavy and regular users, however, this period may be shortened significantly.

CBD vape oil cartridges are one of the most convenient and easy-to-use of all CBD vape products available. Because they are compatible with all 510-thread batteries, they are plug and play with your favorite existing batteries, kits, and other devices.

Many cartridges come with a small rubber stopper over the threaded section. Simply remove this stopper, screw the threads into your 510 battery, and then use the battery as normal. Some batteries are automatically activated when you inhale through the cartridge’s mouthpiece; others require that you push or hold a button to activate them. Regardless of the specific method, there’s nothing special you need to do when using a CBD vape oil cartridge. Simply plug in, breathe deep, and enjoy all the fast-acting CBD wellness benefits!

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