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Just like in humans, CBD use for dogs can improve a wide variety of important functions. Whether your dog or pup suffers from chronic pain, a weakened immune system, stress and separation anxiety, or even a less-than-lustrous coat, regular CBD treatment can have a powerful positive impact on your companion’s daily life.


Each pet is unique — and despite their generally happy dispositions, dogs can have strong preferences for their food, their toys, and every other part of their lives. Only you can really know your dog’s preferences, appetites, and health needs, but there are some general tips to keep in mind.

Many owners report that their dogs respond best to CBD Treats, especially when first introducing CBD into their lifestyle. Many dogs are already accustomed to being given treats, and manufacturers design their products to match popular pet flavorings such as chicken, bacon, jerky, or peanut butter.


If you’re thinking of introducing CBD into your dog’s diet, we imagine you might have some questions. If dogs are man’s best friend, it’s important that we treat them well, and you want to be confident that you’re doing everything you can to address your companion’s needs.

Take a look at this list of the questions we hear most frequently from our dog owner customers. We hope you’ll find the answer to your questions here, but feel free to reach out and ask if you don’t! We’d love to help clear up any blind spots for you.

Like humans, dogs have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) as part of their nervous system. CBD interacts with dogs’ ECS in virtually the same way as with humans’, so dogs can take CBD and benefit in almost exactly the same way that you can. The ECS is believed to have strong effects on a number of very important functions in the body, including the way that we perceive pain, stress regulation, healthy sleep, memory formation and retention, and immune system response.

Dogs are affected by CBD in the same way that humans are, and they can generally take the same CBD products. However, it is important to keep in mind that some ingredients from human products may not be healthy for dogs. CBD chocolates should never be given to dogs, for example, because dogs cannot tolerate chocolate in their diet. Less seriously, it is also important to remember that dogs do not always enjoy the same flavors that humans do. Mint and lemon-lime oils may taste great on your palate, but your pup likely prefers bacon, or something tailored a bit more to his or her taste buds.


In general, CBD affects dogs the same way that it affects humans. Early studies show that it can help dogs with a variety of issues; some of the most common include:

  • Separation anxiety
  • Stress from loud noises
  • Joint and muscle pain
  • Mobility issues

It’s important to be aware of the differences between your dog’s body and yours, however. One of the most significant differences is size and metabolism; because of these, the proper dosage and frequency of CBD will be different. To achieve your desired effects, it’s important to both modify dosage and to account for your dog’s flavor and product preferences.

The products listed on this page are designed specifically for canine use, and will generally offer guidelines about the proper dosage and application for dogs of various sizes. Be sure to carefully consider these recommendations and to monitor your dog’s initial reaction to new products.


One of the things we love most about dogs is that they have such strong personalities — and with that comes preferences. Just like with humans, there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution for what a dog will like or dislike. It all comes down to personal preference. But there are some common patterns.

CBD Treats are an option that almost all dogs seem to love. Tasty and convenient, most dogs will snap them up at every opportunity! As with any other treat, just give them to your dog to chew and watch them chow down. Of course, proper dosage will vary depending on size and age of your dog, so always consult the product packaging for relevant guidelines.

CBD Topicals are another common option — and because they are applied to your dog’s coat rather than ingested, there’s no risk that your canine will dislike the flavor. These products include foaming topicals, leave-in conditioners, oils, and more.

Finally we recommend a number of flavored CBD Oils. Just like oils and tinctures made for humans, they come in a wide variety of flavors and are easy to take, either on their own or mixed in with another favorite food or beverage.

Just like you, your dog has his or her likes and dislikes, so it’s impossible to say for sure. Many dogs do react quite positively to the experience, however, enjoying the same full range of benefits that humans do.

But because you can’t talk to your dog directly about how he or she feels, it’s important to carefully and regularly monitor their reaction after ingesting CBD products. Some dog owners say that they don’t notice a meaningful difference in their pet’s behavior; others report that they notice significant benefits for the dog’s mood, including greater calm and reduced pain from arthritis, joint pain, or other health problems.


Yes, the existing research indicates that it is safe to give dogs and puppies CBD. Canines’ endocannabinoid systems are fully active, even from the earliest stages of life, so CBD will affect dogs of all ages in virtually the same way — though, of course, dosages for small dogs and puppies will be different than for large adult dogs. Some of the existing research even suggests that giving CBD to puppies early in life can have significant benefits, aiding in the development of cannabinoid receptors; formal research on this topic is still ongoing, however.

If you are considering putting your pup on a CBD regimen, be sure to start them off small, carefully monitoring the dosage until you’re sure of how it will affect them. And as always, be sure to consult product packaging for recommended dosages based on the weight and size of your dog.

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