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Our Review of the Koi CBD Brand

Our Review of the Koi CBD Brand

If you’ve been a part of the CBD community for long, you’ve almost certainly heard of Koi CBD. This is a brand renowned for their imaginative flavors, quality products, and transparent practices. Taken together, they’ve made Koi CBD oil, gummies, topicals, and more into true industry titans.

In this article, we follow-up with another CBD brand review, giving you a glimpse into all things Koi CBD. We’ll talk about the company’s background, their values, and a bit about our office’s favorite Koi CBD products. In short? We’ll give you everything you need to know to get acquainted with this true CBD standout.

Who is Koi CBD?

Founded in 2015, Koi CBD says that their mission can be summed up in one simple phrase: “belief in the ongoing pursuit of ‘better’.” And it’s a motto that is visible in every step of Koi’s manufacturing practice, from the vendors with whom they source their hemp to the products and prices they offer the public.

From their beginnings, Koi has been dedicated to a higher standard of quality and transparency. They source all of their hemp from agriculturally-sustainable US farms. They use industry-leading equipment and safe Supercritical CO2 CBD Extraction. And of course, like everything you’ll find at CBD Choice, they provide full-panel analysis for each batch of products, with comprehensive Certificates of Analysis from reputable third-party labs.

In short? Koi CBD’s commitment to quality and transparency has made them a paragon of what the CBD industry should be. Since their arrival on the scene, Koi has pushed other manufacturers towards safer, more responsible, and more sustainable practices. Everyone in our community has benefited from the example they set.

What Makes Koi CBD Products Special?

Koi’s reputation and influence on the industry may be sterling, but the actual test of a CBD company is the quality of their products. And no surprise here: Koi CBD is no slouch when it comes to offering some of the most innovative, effective, and enjoyable CBD products out there.

Koi CBD is renowned for their delicious and imaginative flavor combinations, innovative combinations of therapeutic supplemental ingredients, and top-notch therapeutic products for a variety of user needs.

They offer various extract types, allowing Koi CBD users to customize their dosage to their particular needs. For those looking for a full or broad spectrum experience, their products containing “Koi Prizm” contain all the cannabinoids and terpenes you need for a full bodied entourage effect. For those looking for a more pure CBD experience, they also offer a variety of THC-free products made with pure CBD isolate.

Koi’s product catalog is extensive, diverse, and full of some of the most imaginative and innovative products you’ll find from any manufacturer. In short, they have something for every user, and Koi fans will tell you: each one is a gem in its own right.

“Koi Naturals” vs. “Koi”

One of the most common questions we receive about Koi products is about the difference between their “Koi Naturals” and “Koi CBD” (or even just “Koi”) lines.

Although it may seem somewhat confusing at first glance, the answer is very simple: Koi simply uses a slightly different name for different varieties of products.

Those labeled simply “Koi” tend to be their Koi CBD Vapes, which are made with a CBD isolate extract. Meanwhile, “Koi Naturals” products tend to be Koi CBD Tinctures and tend to be made with a broad or full spectrum CBD extract.

Koi has recently even branched out, adding a new “Koi Skincare” line of CBD topicals, adding yet another “Koi” name to the pack.

In short: don’t worry too much about which “Koi ___” brand name you see on the label. All Koi products come from the same manufacturer, are made with the same exacting attention to quality and detail, and are sure to deliver a top-notch Koi CBD experience.

Our Favorite Koi CBD Products

Koi’s history and values have certainly helped them guide the industry, but it’s their line of impeccable products that have allowed them to stand above the crowds. And we here at CBD Choice certainly have a lot of favorites from the masters at Koi! Let’s take a look at a few of our office’s preferred Koi products:

Koi CBD | Healing CBD Balm

Koi CBD’s Healing CBD Balm is, simply, one of the most enjoyable and effective CBD topicals on the market. It delivers a potent dose of full spectrum CBD alongside a soothing array of supplemental natural extracts. The result is a skin-soothing and aromatically relaxing CBD topical that calms achy muscles and a restless mind.

Just look at the list of supplemental ingredients in this balm, and you’ll see an all-star list of nature’s most soothing therapeutic extracts. From rosemary to lavender, grape seed, coconut, lemongrass, aloe, chamomile, and ginger… The list goes on. And all are working together to do one thing: soothe your skin and leave you looking and feeling smoother and more youthful.

This is a CBD topical that simply must be tried, and it’s a favorite of several of us here at the CBD Choice office.

Koi CBD | Anytime Balance Berry Lemonade CBD Gummies

Who doesn’t love a delicious CBD gummy? And delicious is precisely the word for these delectable treats. Koi CBD’s Anytime Balance Berry Lemonade CBD Gummies pack a complex, unique, and utterly delightful flavor that dances on the tongue and turns every CBD treatment into a perfect treat.

What’s more, they make it easy and enjoyable to customize and maintain your dosage, at home or on the go and whenever the need strikes you. Each tasty gummy packs a moderate, 10mg dose of broad spectrum CBD, which delivers a potent and pleasant entourage effect. And because this dose is only mid-sized, you don’t need to feel bad about reaching back for seconds!

Looking for an equally delicious CBD solution to help at the end of a long day? Try Koi CBD’s Nighttime Rest Cherry Limeade Gummies and reclaim the CBD sleep of your dreams!

Koi CBD | Blue Raspberry Dragon Fruit Vape Juice

When they were first starting out, Koi CBD built their brand on their imaginatively flavored tinctures and vape juices. This Blue Raspberry Dragon Fruit Vape Juice is a lasting testament to the quality and innovation that drives Koi’s product design, and it’s a timeless favorite of Koi fans everywhere.

Full-bodied, exotic, refreshing, sweet with just a hint of bite, it’s a delightful twist on traditional dessert-flavor vapes. The star of the show is the tangy blue raspberry flavor, with the round, exotic notes of dragon fruit sweeping in to complement the taste’s lingering fruity goodness. It’s a delight for the taste buds, and CBD vape connoisseurs would be well served to try it for themselves.

Koi CBD | Dreamsicle Flavor CBD Aerosol Inhaler

Innovative and delicious, this unique product showcases everything that makes Koi CBD great, all in one package. Koi CBD’s Dreamsicle Flavor CBD Aerosol Inhaler brings one of the tastiest flavors in town in the most convenient package imaginable, an aerosol inhaler.

The taste is a sweet drop of summer sunshine, a blissful mix of sweet citrus and smooth vanilla. It’s childhood nostalgia at its tastiest, a complex and utterly satisfying taste that will have you looking forward to your next puff.

And while this aerosol inhaler delivers all the benefits of a traditional vape, it brings convenience and precision like never before. Because of the unique delivery mechanism, each puff delivers a precisely measured dose of fast-acting CBD, allowing you to get precisely the treatment you need, when you need it.

Looking for something a bit more exotic? Be sure to check out Koi CBD’s Mojito Mint CBD Aerosol Inhaler, too!

Koi Skincare | CBD Facial Cleanser

Koi has recently expanded their product line into the world of CBD skincare, and the results are truly something to behold. Koi Skincare’s CBD Facial Cleanser is a gentle, luxuriant way to improve and protect your skin, treating yourself to a world-class exfoliating cleanser that brings out a healthier, more youthful glow.

This facial cleanser contains the beauty industry’s most effective ingredients; all harnessed to go to work for you. Salicylic acid exfoliates and purifies. Apple amino acids nourish the face and smooth the appearance of fine lines. Papaya fruit extract promotes healthy facial microflora. Kakadu plum extract is a strong antioxidant and Vitamin C infusion.

And on top of it all, CBD isolate extract helps the cleanser reach new heights of effectiveness by offering powerful anti-inflammatory properties. The combination is truly impressive, and our Koi customers just can’t get enough.

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