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Joy Organics CBD Review: Worth It or Not?

Joy Organics CBD Review: Worth It or Not?

Joy Organics. They may be newcomers to the CBD world, but they're certainly making a splash and earning an ever-growing legion of devoted users. But what makes them special, and what has earned Joy Organics their sterling reputation and success?

In this article, we dive deep into all things Joy Organics: the good, the bad, and the ugly. By the time you're through, you'll have a complete picture of what makes Joy Organics tick, what the CBD community has to say about this brand, and why we at CBD Choice stand by them as one of the best picks in the industry.

Joy Organics: Brand Origins

Joy Organics' dedication to quality CBD stems from their founder's own experience with CBD.

Back in the mid-2010s, a woman named Joy Smith was struggling with pain and sleep problems. Her search for a solution led her to try CBD, and she was amazed with the results.

But the experience wasn't wholly positive: Joy tried several CBD brands and innumerable products but found that only a few worked for her needs — or even matched the claims advertised. Seeing the potential to help her community, Joy decided to make her mark by bringing higher quality and transparency to the industry she'd grown to love.

By 2018, Joy Smith had realized her CBD goals, and Joy Organics was created. Their ethos? "Compassion, Integrity and Excellence".

Bringing Joy to the World: Green Commitments

But that commitment isn't just about making quality products. It's also about environmental sustainability and a dedication to making the world a better place.

Joy Organics' environmental commitment is a fundamental pillar of their business model. Eco-friendly practices permeate every aspect of their practice, including: 

  • Regenerative farming practices
  • 100% recyclable packaging and containers
  • Organic ingredient sourcing
  • Giveback initiatives

Through these commitments, Joy Organics has established themselves as eco-friendly industry leaders. It's one of the primary reasons customers love Joy Organics, and it's setting a new standard for other brands to follow.

Product Quality and Transparency Standards

Joy Organics is certainly a pack leader when it comes to environmental sustainability. But Joy Organics' CBD products live up to the same standard of excellence?

Here's a run-down of the most important product features that distinguish any brand: ingredients, testing procedures, and product diversity.

Joy Organics' Ingredients: A Cut Above

Joy Organics uses organic ingredients and an array of other fine ingredients, a cut above what most competing brands can offer.

They were one of the first brands to offer USDA-certified organic tinctures, and they continue to iterate on innovative new products with time-honored and effective supplemental ingredients.

Joy Organics' CBD comes from farms using sustainable agricultural practices and regenerative farming. It's a testament to the quality of their crop and their commitment to bringing the very best ingredients to the table, from seed to shelf.

Joy Organics' Testing Procedures: A Troubled Past, A Sterling Present

Joy Organics hasn't always had the sterling reputation they do today — and they didn't always uphold the industry's most important quality standards.

Back in 2018, Joy Organics used to test all of their finished products at in-house labs rather than sending them out for independent testing. That's a big no-no, and Joy Organics paid the price.

Unfortunately, their internal testing let a lousy batch through. One of Joy Organics' tinctures was later found to contain a toxic pesticide, which independent testing would have discovered.

But as long-time CBD Choice fans know, we only stock the best of the best. So while Joy Organics was not, at that time, up to our industry-leading selection criteria, the changes they've made since then have brought them into a new tier of quality and transparency.

To their credit, Joy Organics acted swiftly and decisively. The entire batch was immediately recalled, their farming practices revamped, and their in-house testing was discarded in favor of far more comprehensive and effective third-party testing.

Joy Organics' Product Diversity: Impressive, Diverse, Effective

Joy Organics' product line is not as diverse as some of the true industry titans, but virtually every user will find something to fit their needs. And while they may not have the diversity of flavor selections some brands boast, Joy has some truly unique offerings that you won't find elsewhere.

Joy offers all of the industry standards: CBD tinctures and oils, CBD topicals, and CBD capsules. They even offer CBD pet products and a small collection of CBD skincare products.

Perhaps their most innovative product is their powdered CBD energy drink. It offers a uniquely convenient dosing option for people on the go, one that combines two daily rituals into one easy package. It's a favorite of several of us here at CBD Choice, and more and more users are making it a part of their regular routine.

What Type of CBD Extract Does Joy Organics Use?

All Joy Organics products use a potent broad spectrum extract harvested from 2018 Farm Bill-compliant hemp.

Broad spectrum extracts are prized by many in the community, as they offer a "best of both worlds" approach to CBD use. On the one hand, they contain absolutely no THC (CBD's intoxicating cousin); on the other hand, they have all the other hemp cannabinoids and terpenes that contribute to the entourage effect.

Many believe that the entourage effect is the key to unlocking CBD's full therapeutic potential, so Joy Organics' broad spectrum extracts should satisfy virtually any user's CBD needs.

Our Favorite Joy Organics Products

At CBD Choice, we stand behind every product we stock — but that doesn't mean we don't have favorites.

Here are a handful of our office's absolute favorite products from Joy Organics, and a bit about why you should consider them for your CBD needs.

Joy Organics Premium Hemp CBD Salve

Soothe your muscles, support your achy joints, and promote better skin health with Joy Organics Premium Hemp CBD Salve. Infused with broad spectrum hemp extract, beeswax, and an aromatic blend of essential oils, this delightful topical boasts some of the very best organic ingredients that nature has to offer. Infused with lavender and eucalyptus, this salve brings a light and natural perfume that lingers pleasantly in the nose while the CBD works to soothe aches and pains and keep you feeling your best for hours to come.

Joy Organics CBD Energy Drink

With Joy Organics’ delicious CBD-infused Energy Drink Mix, natural energy and focus is just a sip away. Whether you’re looking to boost your energy for a workout routine or for the daily grind, you’ll find this careful mix of energy-boosting compounds and CBD is a powerful tool. With 75mg of caffeine in each pouch, these are a potent, fast-acting, and convenient way to supplement your energy wherever and whenever you might need.

Joy Organics Lavender Refresh CBD Bath Bombs

Treat yourself to a little Joy with the most refreshing and relaxing CBD bath out there. The topical CBD helps to soothe aches and pains. Organic coconut oil works to hydrate the skin and protect it from further environmental stressors. Organic cocoa seed butter helps hold moisture, creating a protective layer that improves blood flow to the skin and slows the appearance of aging. And all with a soothing lavender scent that calms the mind. These Joy Organics Lavender Refresh CBD Bath Bombs are an absolute joy.

Joy Organics Beef Flavored CBD Dog Treats

Bring Joy to the pups with these delicious, wellness-boosting CBD treatment that your dogs will relish. These oh-so-delicious CBD dog treats derive all of their flavor from real beef and natural bacon flavors. Each morsel contains a carefully portioned 2mg dose of THC-free CBD, bringing the best that CBD has to offer with absolutely no "high". If you're looking to introduce a healthy CBD dose into your stressed pup's routine, there's no more natural option than Joy Organics Beef Flavored CBD Dog Treats.

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