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DIY CBD Coffee Recipes — How to Make Delicious CBD Coffee at Home

DIY CBD Coffee Recipes — How to Make Delicious CBD Coffee at Home

The Rise of CBD Coffee

CBD-infused coffee is one of the latest and greatest CBD trends taking the industry by storm. Coffee has long been America’s favorite morning pick-me-up, giving users the boost they need to get up and go each day. As more and more users incorporate CBD treatment into their regular morning routine, it’s only natural that they’d consider combining these two practices.

Making CBD coffee at home is fun, easy, and a great way to combine two parts of your morning routine. But there are a few things to keep in mind when first starting out with DIY CBD coffee.

Why Use CBD Coffee?

CBD coffee benefits users by combining two regular parts of their routine into a single morning ritual. Moreover, many users report that CBD seems to “smooth-out” some of coffee’s less pleasant side effects, such as elevated anxiety or the “coffee jitters”. The result? A clear, calm, and focused energy that most users find to be a pleasant and productive twist on their morning routine.

Does Heat Destroy CBD’s Beneficial Properties?

While too much heat can remove the beneficial properties of your CBD dosage, CBD coffee brewers have little to worry about.

CBD aficionados know that yes, when you heat CBD past a certain point, it can degrade. As a result, CBD that’s been heated too much can lose much of its potency. When cooking or brewing with CBD, it’s important to consider the best way to avoid removing your CBD oil benefits in the process.

The boiling point of cannabidiol is around 320 to 356 degrees Fahrenheit. If subjected to temperatures in this range, your CBD dosage will begin to evaporate and lose its potency. Even at lower temperatures, the heat can have an effect — from boiling off beneficial terpenes to modifying the flavor to even breaking down the CBD at higher temperatures!

But for brewing coffee using CBD, there’s likely little to worry about. Typically, these beverages are brewed at much lower temperatures than would be required to degrade CBD dosage. Coffee is ideally brewed at between 195 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit.

Based on these figures, it’s generally agreed upon that your CBD treatment should not be meaningfully affected by being brewed into coffee. But if you’d like to be extra careful and ensure that none of your CBD treatment is broken down by heat, consider a cold-brew coffee or adding a bit of CBD oil tincture or CBD coconut oil to your coffee after it’s been brewed and slightly cooled.

DIY CBD Coffee Recipes

Take a look at some of the most popular and interesting ways to make DIY CBD Coffee. From CBD coffee beans, simply adding a dose of CBD oil tincture, or spicing your coffee up with an exotic CBD-infused coconut oil or honey, you’ll find the perfect option for making CBD coffee a part of your morning routine.

Adding CBD Tincture to Your Morning Coffee

By far the simplest method of making DIY CBD coffee at home, this method is a tried-and-true option for users looking to combine CBD coffee benefits into a single drink.

Simply brew your cup of coffee using your normal methods. After it’s finished brewing, add your preferred dose of CBD oil tincture to your cup or thermos, stir, and enjoy.

Using this method, the most important considerations are which potency and flavor of CBD oil tincture work best for your treatment needs and palate. 

  • Complementary flavors: Many users will prefer an unflavored oil tincture, such as CBDistillery’s Full Spectrum CBD Oil. Some users find that even unflavored oils can add an earthy hemp taste to their coffee that they may not enjoy. In that case, consider using a flavored oil that complements the taste of coffee. One of CBD Choice’s favorite oils for this purpose is Lazarus Naturals’ delicious French Vanilla Mocha tincture, which adds a delicious chocolate twist to your cup of morning joe.
  • Choosing the right CBD potency: When it comes to the proper CBD dosage for your needs, only experience can properly guide you. Many users eventually settle on a dosage of around 25mg CBD per serving, which is what you’ll find from a 30ml tincture containing 750mg total CBD. However, we always recommend starting out small and working your way up until you find the treatment that works best for your needs.

Making CBD Coffee with CBD Coffee Beans

Another incredibly simple way to combine your morning cup of coffee with CBD is to use CBD-infused coffee beans. Several manufacturers are now offering CBD coffee for sale online, allowing users to make CBD coffee with almost no prep or fuss.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind when using CBD-infused coffee beans.

  • Coffee filters may filter-out some of the beneficial compounds from your hemp extract, so consider using a French Press or cold-brewing method instead of traditional brewing options.
  • Brewing with CBD coffee beans means that your CBD treatment is exposed to relatively high heats which may, according to some sources, reduce the therapeutic CBD coffee benefits by boiling-off or breaking down some of the hemp compounds.

Making CBD Coconut Oil Coffee

For an exotic and filling twist to your CBD coffee, consider infusing your cup of joe with a CBD-infused coconut oil.

Coconut Oil Coffees have been growing in popularity for some time, due largely to coconut oil’s potential to curb appetite, speed up metabolism, and achieve and maintain ketosis (which may improve blood sugar levels, contribute to weight loss, and reduce heart disease risk factors). This method may also be ideal for users who regularly skip breakfast, as CBD coffee with coconut oil adds a few healthy calories to keep you feeling your best through the morning hours.

If using Lazarus Naturals Full Spectrum CBD Coconut Oil, we recommend trying a ½ teaspoon dose, which adds 25mg of full spectrum CBD to your cup. However, all users’ treatment needs will differ, so try experimenting with different doses until you find the perfect CBD coffee benefits that best fit your needs.

To make CBD Coffee with CBD-infused coconut oil, there are two common methods:

  • Stir-in method: Simply brew up a cup of coffee using your preferred method, allow it to cool slightly, then stir-in your preferred dosage of CBD coconut oil until it is fully dissolved. From there, sweeten or otherwise finish preparing your cup of CBD coffee to taste.
  • Blender method: Although it takes a bit more time, many users find that mixing their CBD Coconut Oil Coffee in a blender produces an even, lathery coffee that is a rare treat. If using this method, simply brew your coffee using your preferred method, allow it to cool slightly, and transfer it into your blender. Then, add your intended dose of CBD coconut oil and flavor to taste, blend, and enjoy!

If you’re looking to spice up your Coconut Oil CBD coffee with a flavorful twist, consider adding some mix of honey, milk, vanilla extract, and a small sliver of unsalted butter, to taste. While this method works with either of the above methods, the blender method is likely to produce a slightly smoother and more enjoyable brew.

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