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Cracking Open a Cold CBD Beer

Cracking Open a Cold CBD Beer

There’s no doubt about it: America loves beer. For special occasions, hot summer days, or just kicking back, cracking open a frothy cold one is a time-honored American tradition. And with the booming interest in cannabidiol (CBD) infusions, it’s only natural that the entrepreneurial spirit would kick in. Yes, CBD beer is on the rise.

But is CBD-infused beer all it’s cracked up to be? Or are these two great tastes best left alone? Let’s explore the wide worlds of craft beer, cannabidiol, and what these fan-favorites have to offer each other.

The Ins-and-Outs of CBD Beer

First off: just what is CBD beer? While the answer may seem obvious, craft beer makers are experimenting in some interesting ways.

The most obvious type of CBD beer is what you’d call a CBD-infused beer. That means it’s a traditional beer, but with an added dose of CBD thrown into the mix.

More surprisingly, some craft brewers are making craft brews with all eyes on cannabidiol. CBD beers of this sort are non-alcoholic, often brewed with hemp, and infused with a special, nano-emulsified form of CBD that ensures full integration into the frothy brew.

What Does CBD Beer Do?

CBD beer can have a variety of different effects, depending on the particular craft beer in question. Depending on the CBD concentration, whether the CBD-infused beer contains alcohol, and a variety of other factors, users should expect different results.

As with any CBD product, research shows a variety of potential health benefits, including for:

But CBD beer also has a few effects that make it stand out from other CBD offerings.

With alcoholic CBD beers, the promise of enhanced relaxation is the main draw. Both substances are known to produce feelings of calm and to help reduce anxiety. Together, they complement and enhance each other’s relaxing effects, creating a truly soothing brew. For more on this, see our in-depth guide to combining alcohol and CBD.

But non-alcoholic CBD beer may have a surprising role to play by helping treat alcohol addiction! Early research shows that CBD may be of benefit for treating alcoholism. Through CBD-infused beer, alcoholics may be able to satisfy their craving for a tasty brew while helping end their addiction at the chemical level!

So Why Doesn’t CBD Choice Sell CBD Beers?

As you’ve so astutely observed, CBD Choice does not currently sell CBD beer. There are a good few reasons for that.

  • Health impacts of beerCBD Choice is, first and foremost, dedicated to the health and wellness of our community. Where alcoholic beverages are concerned… well, let’s just say that alcoholic beer isn’t the healthiest option Granted, not all CBD-infused beer contains alcohol. Many craft beer makers are experimenting with brews of all stripes, including non-alcoholic CBD beers. But even non-alcoholic beer has huge levels of empty calories and a number of adverse health effects. We stand by each and every product we stock as an effective, healthy way to take control of your personal wellness. Just like we’ll never sell nicotine-based CBD vapes, we won’t sell alcoholic beverages. Your health and wellness are, in short, too important to us.
  • Murky legal status of CBD-infused beerSure, CBD is now federally legal under the 2018 Farm Bill. For most CBD products, that means a whole new world of effective, legal CBD treatments. But when it comes to CBD beverages (and especially alcoholic ones), the waters are considerably murkier. While more and more Americans are cracking open CBD beers, the FDA has been cracking down. And because CBD Choice is committed to providing only 100% legal CBD options throughout the country, we won’t be offering anything like CBD beer until its legal status is clarified.

Still Interested? Try Making Your Own CBD Beer!

For those looking to sample this interesting and effective combination, there’s great news: making your own CBD beer is simpler than you might think.

Of course, making your own CBD beer microbrew is always an option, but we’ll leave that explanation to the beer experts.

For a far faster and easier method, try infusing a CBD tincture or CBD isolate powder into your favorite pre-brewed beer!

If you go this route, we highly recommend using a water-soluble “nano-emulsified” CBD product, such as those made by CBD Living. This is the best way to ensure that your CBD-infused beer experience will be a success; nano CBD will ensure that your dose is properly integrated into your brew, creating a smooth and consistent beverage that you’re more likely to enjoy.

For an introduction to the wide world of CBD-infused beer, it really doesn’t get any simpler! From there, you can try your hand at a full microbrew, or explore the ever-expanding range of professionally-brewed CBD beers!

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