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CBD Lotions & Topicals: How Can They Benefit Your Skin?

Ask any beauty enthusiast, and they’ll happily agree that CBD lotions and topicals are making waves at the moment. These products are not only exciting but are becoming more popular by the day as more users continue to discover the benefits CBD has on the skin. In the world of skincare, the use of CBD-infused beauty products is all the buzz.

But unlike other quality beauty products and ingredients making an impact in beauty and skincare, there’s quite a lot of controversy surrounding CBD and its impact on health and wellness. Despite this, it’s hard to ignore the promising benefits of CBD lotions and other skin care products offered to consumers.

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Here are some insights into CBD topicals and how they can help you:

What are CBD Topicals?

As the name clearly suggests, CBD topicals are creams, lotions, balms, and salves that are infused with CBD, one of the key cannabinoids found in cannabis. Unlike the psychoactive THC which causes the “high”, CBD is non-psychoactive and interacts with our natural cannabinoid receptors in our brain and body.

CBD topicals are applied on the skin to deliver a continuous and consistent absorption of CBD over a longer period of time. Because CBD is associated with many potential benefits, CBD topicals have become quite a hit among many consumers who are looking to complement their daily skin care routine or switch to an all-natural product.

How to Correctly Use CBD for Skin Care

Before we get to look at CBD lotion benefits, it’s important to follow our step-by-step guide on how to effectively use CBD topicals for the best results:

Figure out what you want to achieve with your CBD skin care or beauty product and know where to apply your CBD topical. This might seem a bit too obvious, but can be a bit more complex, especially when using a topical. Of course, for obvious products like CBD face creams, you’ll want to apply it on your face. For CBD body lotions, apply it all over the body. Understanding your skin care needs will help you determine where to apply CBD lotion for maximum benefits.

Before you apply the CBD topical, make sure your skin or the specific area you want to apply is clean. Wash your hands thoroughly before applying the CBD topical and then apply it generously on the skin. The application can be done in multiple layers. You’ll want to massage the topical lotion, balm, salve, or cream into the skin, wait for it to dry, and repeat one or two more times.

Wash your hands with water and soap after applying the CBD topical. Most of these products may have additional ingredients like mint, citrus, and capsaicin. While most of these ingredients are definitely beneficial for your skin, they can be irritating to the eyes or nose.

The Benefits of CBD Topicals

Topical CBD use comes with a number of great benefits for your face and body. Here’s what you should know:

CBD Lotion Benefits for Your Face

CBD topical’s, like lotions, work wonders on your face. It’s well known that inflammation is one of the major contributors to skin problems, ranging from acne to rosacea. But the good news is that CBD is fast taking the skin care industry by storm, and is now recognized as a solution to many problems.

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CBD Lotion for Your Body

The biggest breakthrough in the use of CBD for health and wellness is the introduction of targeted body lotions and creams.

CBD does this by affecting our natural endocannabinoid receptor activity, which in turn helps reduce the inflammation that is caused by pain as it interacts directly with our body’s neurotransmitters.

The Bottom Line

Using CBD topicals come with a range of benefits that provide your skin with the protection and nourishment that it needs to stay healthy. Whether you’re looking for CBD lotions, CBD creams, or CBD balm, you’ll want the best quality CBD products you can find online. CBD Choice brings you a selection of top-brand CBD products for your skin care needs.

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