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CBD Gifts for Him, Her, and Everyone Else: The CBD Choice Holiday Gift Guide!

CBD Gifts for Him, Her, and Everyone Else: The CBD Choice Holiday Gift Guide!

That old giving season is right around the corner! And as your favorite holidays approach, what better way to show your loved ones you care than with a thoughtful gift? No matter whom you’re shopping for, there’s a CBD product out there that will bring a smile to their face, put some pep in their step, and make their holiday season a little bit brighter. That’s what the CBD gifts in this article are all about!

For the Restless and Weary: Slumber CBN Sleep Aid Softgels

Slumber CBG Capsules, 300mg 60 count

For all the love and joy they bring, the holidays can also bring a lot of stress! And when that stress builds up, sometimes our sleep can suffer.

If you’re looking for CBD gifts that help take the edge off and deliver the restful sleep the body needs, look no further than Slumber. This company specializes in one thing only: natural, hemp-based sleep aids that deliver the energizing rest of your CBDreams!

Slumber’s CBN Sleep Aid Softgels harness the power of cannabinol (CBN), CBD’s “sleepy cannabinoid” cousin. Powerfully convenient, gentle, and effortlessly effective, these easy-swallow capsules deliver a sense of calm restfulness, nights of rejuvenating sleep, and the energized days we need to get through this holiday season. Perfect CBD gifts for him, her, or even yourself during these busy times when good sleep can be hard to come by!

For the Dreamers and the Thinkers: CBD Living Berry Black Tea

CBD Living Berry Black Tea

Need the perfect gift for readers, thinkers, or anyone looking to enjoy some cozy relaxation at home? CBD Living’s line of CBD-infused teas are the perfect CBD gifts!

Though they’re available in a variety of flavors, we just can’t get enough of CBD Living’s Berry Black Tea. With a subtle, deliciously fruity flavor and a gently uplifting black tea base, it’s a thoroughly enjoyable, aromatic brew that’s perfect for a bit of cozy time.

And because they’re infused with CBD, these natural teas offer a more rounded, gentler experience than you’d get with traditional caffeinated brews. They make for wonderful CBD gifts that any tea lover will be happy to have in their collection!

For Some Well-Deserved Pampering: cbdMD Bath Bombs

cbdMD Romance Bath Bomb

No matter whom you’re shopping for, everyone could use an excuse for a bit of self-care. And for many in the CBD community, there’s simply no better way to do that than with CBD bath bombs!

Fragrant, calming, and infused with some of nature’s most soothing and skin-healthy ingredients, cbdMD’s bath bombs are the perfect CBD gifts to help you and yours unwind, relax, and enjoy a bit of “me time”.

Available in a wide variety of scents and experiences, there’s a cbdMD bath bomb for everyone. Try any of these delightful scents, and you’ll see why so many swear by cbdMD’s bath bombs as an essential part of their relaxation regimen:

Or if you’re the type to handmake gifts, here’s our recipe for DIY Bath Bombs for that extra touch of personalization!

For Beauty and Skincare Enthusiasts: Mary’s Methods Purify Dead Sea Mud Mask

Mary's Nutritionals Purify Dead Sea Mud Mask

Looking to treat that beauty-conscious someone to a truly remarkable CBD experience? Why not help them take their skincare routine to the next level with the best in CBD beauty! CBD’s powerful anti-inflammatory properties make it a truly powerful skincare tool, boosting the effectiveness of any skincare routine and bringing out your most radiant glow.

Mary’s Methods is one of the absolute best in the CBD beauty game, delivering spa-quality beauty treatments and other CBD gifts for home use.

This Dead Sea Mud Mask is one of the most rejuvenating and purifying beauty products you’ll find anywhere. If you’re looking to give the CBD gift of beauty this holiday season, this is the perfect way to help bring out one’s most radiant, younger-looking self.

For an Intimate Gift For that Special Someone: CBDfx Rejuvediol CBD Massage Oil

CBDfx Rejuvediol Massage Oil

Oh, Rejuvediol CBD Massage Oil, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways. When it comes to a truly relaxing, lasting, and intimately enjoyable CBD massage oil, few products can compete. CBDfx’s Rejuvediol Massage Oil is a favorite of many here in the CBD Choice office and our community, and for good reason.

If you’re looking to treat yourself and your special someone to the CBD gift of a relaxing, at-home massage, look no further than this spa-quality massage oil. It’s slick, smooth, provides a lasting slick grip, and absorbs without leaving an unpleasant oily residue. What’s better, it provides one of the most pleasant, distinctive aromatic experiences from any CBD topical you’ll find, owing to the blend of delightful oil extracts that make up its base.

This is a CBD gift that simply must be tried.

For Those With a CBD Sweet Tooth: Green Roads CBD Dark Chocolate

Green Roads CBD Dark Chocolate

Let’s face it: the holidays are often a time of indulgence, and this CBD-infused dark chocolate bar is one of the tastiest indulgences around. Green Roads has mastered the art of dark chocolate with this sweet and savory treat, delivering a mouth-watering CBD experience with every confectionery bite.

Whether used for brewing a delicious CBD mocha coffee, cooking a holiday treat, or simply savoring every delectable morsel on its own, Green Roads CBD Dark Chocolate is one of our community’s favorite CBD gifts.

Sweet, subtle, and perfectly rich, this CBD-infused dark chocolate is a sure-fire delight, perfect as a stocking stuffer or part of a CBD gift set for your friends and loved ones.

For Athletes and Gym-Rats: CBDistillery CBD Cooling Relief Stick

CBDistillery Relief Stick 1000mg

Athletes are always pushing their bodies to the limit, and no one could use a bit of joint and muscle relief more. This holiday season, consider giving the gym rat in your life the CBD infused gift of pain relief that’ll keep them performing at their best no matter what their workout throws their way!

The CBDistillery Cooling Relief Stick is a potent, powerfully convenient CBD topical that’s the ideal companion for any gym bag and post-workout routine. It’s one of our favorite CBD gifts for him, her, or anyone looking to calm their aching muscles and get just a bit more juice out of their exercise and recovery.

Bonus option: Look into hemp-based protein powder

For Our Furry Friends and Pet Parents: Paw CBD Pet Treats

Paw CBD Chicken and Catnip Soft Chews, 300mg

People aren’t the only folks that deserve a bit of holiday love at this time of year! Show your furry friends how much you care with a delicious, wellness-boosting pet treat with these CBD gifts from Paw CBD!

Have you ever seen a dog going at a spoonful of peanut butter? Spoiler alert: they love it. The Paw CBD Peanut Butter Jar is an all-natural, CBD-infused peanut butter that’s perfectly dosed for your canine companion, delivering the CBD benefits they need in a package they’ll find absolutely irresistible.

Your animal friends of the feline persuasion? We’ve got you covered. Try Paw CBD Chicken Flavored Catnip Softchews. Delivering a moderate dose perfect for housecats, a flavor they love, and that catnip experience they go crazy for, these treats are the perfect CBD gifts for any feline friend.

Final Thoughts

The holidays are about giving and showing you care. CBD gifts let people know you care about them and their overall health. If you have any other great CBD gift ideas, let us know in the comments.

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