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CBD Facts vs. Fiction: What You Need to Know

If you’re interested in using cannabidiol (CBD), it’s important that you’re aware of some basic CBD facts and myths. CBD is still relatively new, and the simple truth is that there’s a lot of misinformation out there. Before taking any sort of supplement, it’s always wise to do some research so you know what to expect. Here are some important facts you should know.

1. CBD Isn’t Recreational

Because CBD comes from the cannabis plant, it’s often viewed as a loophole for people seeking a legal marijuana alternative. That’s simply not the case. While some full-spectrum CBD products may also contain THC, most CBD products are actually derived from the hemp plant, which is different in many ways to marijuana.

One of the most important CBD facts to understand is that marijuana and hemp are very different. Besides the fact that hemp is legal on a federal level, marijuana and hemp are simply not the same. Hemp contains little to no THC, so even if you smoked a massive amount of it, you wouldn’t experience the same effects as marijuana.

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CBD that doesn’t contain THC may offer some of the same similar benefits such as anxiety relief, a mood boost, relaxation, and so on, but you remain clear-headed. CBD isn’t one of those ‘legal high’ products sold in gas stations and in the back pages of magazines. Simply put, it’s not used for recreational purposes.

2. CBD Is Safe

As you learn about CBD facts, you may be wondering about its safety. Fortunately, as long as you buy quality CBD products from trusted brands that have their products independently tested, you should have no problems taking CBD. Although the industry is largely unregulated, CBD itself has been shown to be safe and non-toxic.

Of course, you should always speak to a licensed doctor before giving taking any sort of new supplement. Many pet owners also use CBD to calm their animals, with fantastic results.

3. CBD (from Hemp) Is Legal

Because of its relation to the marijuana plant, many potential CBD users are worried about the legality of CBD. As you read various CBD facts from different sources, you may see that CBD is illegal in some states. However, it’s worth noting that that information may be outdated.

In December 2018, the Farm Bill made hemp legal on a federal level. As long as the product contains less than 0.3% THC, it should be legal. Just be sure that you check the label to make sure that you’re not accidentally purchasing a full-spectrum THC product that could potentially contain psychoactive ingredients, making it illegal in your area.

4. There Are Many Ways to Take CBD

These days, there are many different ways to dose CBD. If you’re just starting to learn about CBD facts, you may not be aware of the many product options available to you. CBD oils and tinctures tend to be the most common way to take CBD. You can simply take it orally or sublingually or mix it in a beverage or smoothie.

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Edibles have become quite popular in recent times. People like being able to chew a tasty gummy whenever they want to take their CBD. Vaping is another common way to take CBD, as it allows you to dose in small or large amounts.

Capsules are great because you can take them discreetly, and they’re pre-measured so you know the exact dosage. Some people even use skincare products with CBD to improve their skin health.

5. CBD Products Vary in Potency

As you shop for CBD and learn various CBD facts, you might notice that there are different strengths available. It’s important that you differentiate between the size of a product and its potency. For example, say you’re buying a 30ml bottle of CBD oil, and it’s available in 2500mg and 5000mg. In this case, it’s easy to tell that the 5000mg product is twice as strong as the other.

However, if you were to buy a 60ml 5000mg bottle, the strength would be the same as the 30ml 2500mg bottle. Even though the two numbers are different, the actual potency is the same because 5000mg of CBD is dissolved in twice as much hemp oil. If you have any questions about product strength or CBD facts in general, our experts are happy to help.

6. Not All CBD Is Equal

You may assume that the best approach is just to find the cheapest CBD available, but that’s a poor decision. Because the industry is largely unregulated, it’s an unfortunate truth that there are plenty of companies out there selling what amounts to little more than snake oil with a CBD label.

You can avoid those products by only buying products from trusted brands. Some reputable CBD brands include CBDistillery, CBDfx, CBD Pure, GoGreen Hemp, Green Roads, Medix, Nuleaf, Koi CBD, and Hemp Hound. If you’re not sure about a company, do some research, You should find plenty of CBD facts and reviews to help you make an informed decision.

Beyond just avoiding fake CBD products, you also want to be careful of buying low-quality CBD products that could be potentially harmful. Before ordering a product, call the company and ask about how and where their hemp is grown and how their CBD is extracted.

Remember: a good company should be able to provide immediate, accurate information as well as certificates of analysis from independent third-party lab testing.

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