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CBD vape oil cartridges offer one of the fastest-acting CBD experiences of any product on our site. Vaping allows for almost instantaneous inhalation and absorption of the CBD compound, allowing you to feel the full range of effects within moments. Compared to other products (such as edibles, which may take upwards of a half hour to kick in) vaporizers offer potent and fast acting relief that may be key to users suffering from acute pain or anxiety.

Moreover, vaping offers extremely high bioavailability — meaning that the body is able to absorb and use almost all of the CBD in your dosage treatment. Because of the high reliability and fast-acting properties of vapable CBD, it is an ideal method for potent, fast-acting relief that your body can use most fully.


Because all of CBD Choice’s vapable products are made with high-quality CBD hemp oil and tested to contain only the smallest traces (if any) of THC, they are guaranteed to be powerful and potent but will not cause you to experience a head-clouding THC high.

Whether based on CBD isolate, full spectrum, or broad spectrum oil, the products available on CBD Choice are all carefully cultivated, treated, and processed to remove virtually all of cannabis’s psychoactive components. So whether you’re looking for the wellness benefits of pure CBD isolate or want to experience broad and full spectrum’s entourage effect, rest easy knowing that you will experience a clear-headed, soothing, and enjoyable CBD experience.


Whether you’re brand new to CBD carts or are a tried and true vaping veteran, odds are you’ve got some questions about exactly how these CBD vape oil cartridges can benefit you.

We’ve put together the most common questions we hear from our clients, and we hope you’ll find what you need here to get up to speed. If not, though, please reach out and let us know; we’re always happy to help!

This will vary depending on the type of CBD vape pen that you decide to purchase. One of the key choices is whether you want to go with a disposable or a reusable pen. Either way, the device will include a battery, a reservoir that holds the CBD oil or E-liquid, and a mouthpiece. Many disposable pens, and almost all reusable ones, will also include a charging adaptor to keep your device hitting at peak efficiency. Disposable vape pens will always come loaded with a precisely measured amount of CBD oil or E-liquid. The type, potency, and flavor will depend on the exact product you choose to purchase. Reusable pens sometimes come pre-loaded with oil or E-liquid, but are often empty — because reusable devices are meant to be user-refillable and compatible with the user’s preferred juice.
There are a wide variety of vape pen potencies available. For refillable vape pens, it’s all decided by the type of juice or oil that you choose to use. It’s easier to generalize for disposable cartridges. Depending on the brand you purchase, a single disposable pen will contain anywhere from 30mg to 300mg of CBD. You may find some pens that have even less or even more, but the range is a good indicator of the products that we see most commonly available.
There are some variations between different manufacturers and brands, but most vape pens are charged by plugging-in to a specialized adaptor that comes with the unit. Most vape pens attach to these adaptors via a standardized, screw-on head; batteries of this sort are often referred to as “510 thread” batteries, and chargers for these devices are widely available and often interchangeable with each other. Many 510 thread chargers plug into USB devices such as those found on most modern computers. Others are designed to fit into standard wall electrical outlets. Regardless, 510 thread batteries are typically quite easy to charge, and replacement adaptors are widely available for only a small price.
Yes, indeed you can! And right from this store page, for that matter! With the rapid growth of the vaping industry in recent years, many users have flocked to vape pens as affordable, convenient, and discreet ways of using their favorite products. Because of this, rechargeable vape pens are some of the most widely available products on the market, and are available virtually everywhere that vape products are sold. At CBD Choice we pride ourselves on relying only the most reliable and effective vape pens at the most competitive prices.
Vape pens are perfectly legal for public use in almost all locations in the U.S. However, do note that some locations may have specific restrictions on use, so you should be sure to look into applicable rules and regulations before purchase and use.